Introducing the TITAN Enhancement Kit
In response to businesses beginning to reopen during COVID-19, Invixium recently launched the TITAN Enhancement Kit equipped with a Thermographic Camera. When paired with the high resolution TITAN camera, the dual camera system can perform face recognition + elevated body temperature detection for employees and visitors to keep your enterprise secure, healthy and efficient using just one solution.
From the CEO
We’re halfway through 2020 and the world as we know it has drastically changed; facing the most daunting challenges of our generation. We at Invixium rise to challenges, even the ones presented by COVID-19, and we adapted to the new norm with even more drive to deliver ground-breaking technology at an unprecedented pace.
Recently, Invixium launched two solutions to answer the world’s most pressing issues. First, we added face recognition capability to our TOUCH 2 series, fulfilling the need for an affordable solution for touchless authentication in this current climate. Secondly, we defied the odds and worked tirelessly to develop and launch the TITAN Enhancement Kit which allows our customers to ensure health and safety at their enterprises with visitor and employee temperature detection. As the only dual-camera system in the industry, the TITAN and Enhancement Kit solution achieves touchless face recognition and elevated body temperature detection simultaneously. With these recent upgrades, our premier touchless biometric access control and workforce management solutions are now more relevant than ever!

We round out our solutions with an enhancement of our IXM WEB software via IXM Health. This feature is the smartest data tracking software in the industry when it comes to monitoring the health of staff and visitors. Paired with TITAN’s Enhancement Kit, IXM Health is the only software solution on the market that works with our temperature detection to track and analyze data for temperature-based access control and workforce management. We are truly passionate about finding solutions that will last for as long as our customers need them. Invixium cares about future-proofing your investment in our solutions, and we as a company are committed to providing long-term peace of mind with the finest technology in the industry.

Despite the economic impact due to COVID-19, Invixium continues to grow. These are times that require perseverance and innovation to remain strong, and this quarter brought us incredible opportunities to continue moving forward. To service the heightened demand in the Americas for touchless biometrics and elevated body temperature detection, we announced the opening of Invixium USA: our regional headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, and the expansion of our global team. We are not just growing, we are thriving and we are doing so by answering the needs of the moment with the pace and tenacity only Invixium can deliver. There‘s enormous activity happening behind the scenes at Invixium that I cannot wait to share with you in the coming weeks.

Looking to the future, I am excited to continue providing solutions for the health, safety, security and productivity of businesses across the globe. Invixium will continue to lead this effort for the entire industry by ensuring all our customers have everything they need to move forward in this changing world. It is our honour and our passion to solve today’s problems, and we hope that you continue to place your trust in Invixium.
Shiraz Kapadia
Founder & CEO
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“Since we partnered in 2019, Invixium has been an incredible addition to Pyro-Tech’s portfolio. Their devices have so many applications, and the team at Invixium works tirelessly to adapt to our customers’ customization needs. With the new Enhancement Kit for TITAN, Invixium has proven that they can innovate at lightning-speed to respond to the environment, and I have no doubt that this upgrade will improve many of our customers’ businesses. I am very proud that our partnership means we can offer products with the best quality, design, technology, and customer service in the industry.”
Joe Ferreira
Managing Director, Pyro-Tech
Product Feature
TOUCH 2 is Now Touchless
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the preference of customers has shifted to touchless and contactless biometrics to prevent the spread of the virus. In response, Invixium is now offering licenses that can enable TOUCH 2 to perform face recognition. These licenses are field upgradeable and can be purchased for any existing TOUCH 2 users looking to move to contactless biometric access control and workforce management.
Case Study
Fine Hygienic Holding Deploys Invixium Solution as Part of its Digital Transformation Initiative
Invixium was contracted by Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading Wellness Groups and manufacturer of hygienic paper products, to deploy IXM TITAN devices and integrate Invixium’s workforce management solution with FHH’s Oracle HR cloud as part of its corporate digital transformation initiative.
The IXM Academy
What is the difference between body temperature and skin temperature? How does Invixium’s solution differ from the rest?
Due to COVID-19, an increasing number of companies are offering contactless temperature measurement products including but not limited to surveillance cameras, thermal guns, health kiosks, etc. Based on conversations with various customers, the team at Invixium has realized that there is a lot of misinformation going around regarding thermal cameras. Consumers need to understand the gap between their expectations and what manufacturers are offering.

Core Body Temperature - Core body temperature is the actual internal temperature of a person. This temperature can only be measured using a clinical thermometer by placing it in the mouth, ear, armpit or rectum. Even among these 4, there are temperature variations, with the rectal temperature being the most accurate. On average, the core body temperature is 3°C higher than the surface or skin temperature. As of today, there is no way to measure the core body temperature accurately using a contactless or touchless technology.

Surface Body Temperature - Surface temperature, as the name suggests, is the temperature of the skin of an individual. This temperature varies depending on the ambient temperature (rises when ambient temperature is high and lowers when ambient temperature is low) and can be measured using thermography or thermal cameras which measure the heat being radiated from a source.

How is Invixium’s solution different - Invixium’s solution uses a dual camera system that comprises of a 21MP high resolution camera (IXM TITAN) and a thermographic camera (Enhancement Kit) in tandem to measure Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) of an individual based on surface temperature readings and machine learning algorithms. The combined camera system makes it possible to accurately measure the temperature of the “tear-duct” or the “inner eye” which is the closest to the core body temperature.
▪ The latest IXM WEB version is To continue receiving Technical Support customers must upgrade at the earliest. Visit our website for more.
▪ The latest Device Firmware version is Contact Invixium Technical Services to update.
▪ The latest TITAN Firmware version is Contact Invixium Technical Services to update.
▪ Purchase of Annual Support Contract is now mandatory to receive upgrades, updates and support from Invixium Technical Services team after the first year. The promotional price of $299 has been extended until September 2020. Click here to buy.
▪ Invixium’s latest solution - TITAN Enhancement Kit - is now shipping globally. Click here to order.
▪ Licenses for TOUCH 2 face recognition are now available. Order today and upgrade your existing TOUCH 2 to a touchless device with contactless face recognition.

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