Mask Detection & Face Recognition while Wearing a Mask
As the world evolves to meet the demands of doing business during COVID-19, Invixium has updated its flagship IXM TITAN to accommodate mask requirements. This new release allows for mask detection on any user and also face recognition to authenticate while an enrolled user wears a mask.
From the CEO
Although we are in one of the most uncertain moments of our lifetimes, this last quarter marked many achievements for us. We are growing, and I attribute our growth to our team’s ability to adapt and innovate. Fast-paced engineering and rapid decision making are core parts of our culture that serve as a foundation for every step we take as a company.
In July, Frost & Sullivan named us “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year – Global Biometric Access Control” for 2020. Recognition by such a prestigious organization is a very proud moment for us. This monumental award is a tangible acknowledgement of the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Invixium. Our entrepreneurship has not gone unnoticed: this quarter, I and my team participated in numerous webinars and contributed to publications that all asked, “what happens now?”. As we are called upon to provide insight, direction and thought leadership for the future of biometric security, we take note of businesses’ needs and concerns worldwide so we can confidently provide answers and give our customers faith in their future security plans.

In my view, there has been a decade worth of adoption of touchless biometric solutions in just 3-4 months because businesses are adapting to our new environment. Our IXM TITAN + Enhancement Kit continues to be well-received because it provides rapid, accurate and contactless elevated body temperature screening along with TITAN’s iconic face recognition. Our solution is a health-focused system that enterprises can rely on to keep staff and visitors safe in a climate where that assurance is needed more than ever. And, now, we have added mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask to further secure staff and visitor health while working to meet governments’ pandemic regulations worldwide. I am committed to continue pushing the boundaries of what security technology is capable of so we can provide timely, value-adding solutions as new challenges emerge.

To further propel our growth, we embarked on three key agreements this quarter. We continue to believe in growth through partnerships. Business activity is resuming all over the world, and our new partners allow us to address global needs at an accelerated pace. We look forward to exploring new regions with distribution partners that are trusted in their regions. Already, I see a strong response to our solutions despite today’s uncertain world because Invixium has responded to an increasingly complex global business climate with clear strategic goals and impeccable execution. Our desire to create healthy environments for businesses to reopen safely led us to these opportunities, and we are proud to offer touchless solutions that add a great deal of value and security to businesses’ reopening plans as our world moves forward.

Looking ahead, I am optimistic about Invixium’s future potential. We strive to lead this industry and provide the most relevant solutions of the moment to our customers through trusted partners and immaculate engineering. What comes next for businesses in our health-focused world is still unknown, but I assure you that Invixium will continue our focus on achieving ambitious goals through meticulous visualization, clear strategy and bold innovation. Continuing our path of entrepreneurship is my passion, and I look forward to all we will accomplish in the future.
Shiraz Kapadia
Founder & CEO
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“As enterprises rewrite their security plans to include temperature checks, Feenics is uniquely prepared to provide temperature-based access control through Keep by Feenics and the IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit. We’re thrilled to partner with Invixium as they pivoted during this pandemic to adjust to the changing business climate that we all have been thrust into. Our partnership allows us to combine our cloud-based solution with temperature screening data to offer peace of mind and a hands-free experience in a time where safety is crucial. The temperature screening data provided by the TITAN Enhancement Kit to Keep by Feenics provides a safer environment as commercial entities worked diligently to bring staff back to work while taking actions to minimize the risks to its most important asset: its employees.”
Paul DiPeso
Executive Vice-President, Feenics
Product Feature
IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit Adds EBT for Authentication
Introducing a new factor of authentication, elevated body temperature (EBT), via the IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit. Go completely touchless by pairing contactless face recognition with temperature screening from this groundbreaking security solution.
The IXM Academy
What is the difference between Mask Detection & Face Recognition While Wearing a Mask? Why is Invixium’s solution the best for me?
As businesses rewrite their security plans for COVID-19, management teams must consider new guidelines to protect their staff’s and visitors’ health. Government regulations have mandated wearing masks in public spaces, including offices, health clinics, and retail stores. While our customers look for new solutions to today’s challenges, they need to understand the nuances of their security options for masked users.

Mask Detection - Mask detection is when a screening system acknowledges that a user is currently wearing a mask. Mask detection suits security plans that require individuals entering your business to wear a mask. Large sites with a high population of visitors-such as malls, museums, or theaters-would benefit from mask detection features alone.

Face Recognition While Wearing a Mask - Face recognition while wearing a mask allows enrolled users to be authenticated without removing their masks. This technology works well as an added layer to existing access control systems by reducing the number of surfaces touched and enabling employees to keep their masks on at entry points to the worksite.

What Makes Invixium’s Solution the Best for Me? - The Invixium face recognition algorithm has been upgraded to accommodate masks during its workflows. Both mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask are included in this update of IXM WEB (v. for IXM TITAN, which means IXM TITAN can satisfy either mask-related security challenge described above-or both! Paired with the IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit for rapid, touchless temperature screening, Invixium’s complete COVID-19 solution can help enterprises meet health, safety, security and productivity needs with temperature-based, mask-included access control.
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