IXM TITAN vs. 5,000 lb. Truck
IXM TITAN is the perfect solution for rugged environments, but you have to see it to believe just how strong our flagship solution is. We drove a 5,000 lb. truck over our solution to show you what happens when TITAN faces incredibly high impact, and you don’t want to miss the results!
From the CEO
Welcome to a new year and a new era in access control and workforce management! This quarter, Invixium has been busy fulfilling our vision for security in 2021 and beyond with bold ideas, strategic partnerships and excellence in engineering. While society is beginning to feel hopeful for the future, Invixium has only started the hard work ahead of us.
We are all beginning to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel thanks to the positive news surrounding vaccines worldwide. Whether this most challenging stage of the pandemic effectively ends in three months, six months, a year or longer, security leaders are already eyeing ways to adapt to public needs once again. Even after the vaccine is widespread, people will still want to protect themselves and their loved ones. That is why we are planning for how we will protect the health and safety of a vaccinated population. People and businesses will want to know if individuals are healthy and protected from this illness that has changed our society. I believe that this reassurance is the way forward for security, and I look forward to showing you what Invixium has in store for this vision of the future.

As we prepare for what’s next, we are ramping up our global presence to serve our customers. We are focused on strategic partnerships, integrating with Gallagher last month to reach new heights and offer a seamless healthy access experience for business leaders that need to conserve their time and energy to focus on a safe back-to-work experience for their staff. Deep integrations like this are the present and future of access control and workforce management, so we are very proud of the speed, attention to detail and overall success of this integration. Integrations and partnerships greatly increase the value of Invixium worldwide, so we will continue to grow through these relationships in 2021.

I hope you’ve had a moment to see an example of our solutions changing lives in the field. If you haven’t, I encourage you to read one of the case studies we have published this quarter and in the past. This quarter alone, we were able to showcase the excellent results of multiple installations of IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit. I find it very powerful to see real results from customers, and the outcomes for our customers and their user populations have been incredibly positive. I’m very proud of these stories, so if you haven’t already, take a few minutes to experience the impact of Invixium in the real world!

There is so much left for us to accomplish this year, and Invixium is just getting started. Stay tuned for everything we have in store for you – I assure you that you will be captivated, awed and inspired about what’s yet to come. Our world is continuing to change at an incredible pace, and my goal for this year is not just to keep up. My goal for 2021 is to push the boundaries of what is currently possible in our industry and exceed customer expectations with the most modern, relevant and innovative solutions on the market. Keep Invixium at the top of your mind when it comes to biometrics. We won’t disappoint you.
Shiraz Kapadia
CEO & President
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“As a system installer, our experience with Invixium has been top-notch. In response to the ongoing pandemic, our mining clients have been eager to enhance their access control systems with touchless authentication and temperature screening to protect workers from infection. IXM TITAN is the only biometric system available that meets all of the criteria we have to bring a solution to our customers: high speed, accuracy and ruggedness. Invixium approaches large workforces and challenging environments with excellent customer service and a problem-solving attitude. Their team regularly works very closely with ours to install automated solutions that deliver exceptional, fast touchless authentication and temperature screening while being durable enough to withstand mines’ unique settings. Investing in TITAN is a key component of many of our customers’ COVID-19 response strategy, and no other solution compares to how well TITAN with Enhancement Kit fits this need.”
Richard Brooke-Smith
Sales Director, TAccess Solutions PTY LTD
Product Feature
IXM TITAN | The Most Robust Healthy Access Solution
IXM TITAN is the premier solution for healthy access and workforce management. Along with its innovativeness and relevance to today’s needs, TITAN is built with a high level of ruggedness that suits the demands of challenging environments: mines, seaports, oil refineries, construction sites and more. Hear what makes TITAN so tough from Shiraz Kapadia, our CEO & President.
Case Study
Eastplats Deploys Invixium Touchless Temperature Screening Solution at Crocodile River Mine in South Africa
Eastern Platinum Limited (Eastplats) has chosen to install IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit at mine access points based on its ruggedness, high throughput and temperature screening capability. As part of Eastpats’ COVID-19 response, this installation has successfully reduced the amount of time it takes to gain access to the mines while protecting employee health.
The IXM Academy
What is the difference between an IP Rating and an IK Rating? What makes Invixium solutions so rugged?
When selecting a security solution for rugged, outdoor environments, it’s important for end-users and installers to understand the terminology manufacturers use to certify that their products are suitable for challenging installations. First, know if your work environment requires protection from dust, water or impact. Then, read this brief guide to learn more about certified protection ratings on Invixium products.

IP Rating - A product’s IP rating indicates its level of protection against the ingress of dust and moisture. The letters “IP” are followed by two numbers; the first number represents a product’s level of dust protection, and the second number represents a product’s level of moisture protection. In both cases, a higher number is better. The first number ranges from 0-6, or “not protected” to “dust protected”. And, the second number ranges from 0-8 or “not protected” to “protected against continuous immersion”.

IK Rating - A product’s IK rating indicates its level of protection against impact. So it isn’t confused with IP rating, the “K” refers to “kinetic” – the amount of physical energy the product can withstand. The two numbers following “IK” range from 00-10, or “not protected” to “protected against 20 joules of impact”. 20 joules of impact is equivalent to the impact of an object with 5 kg of mass dropped from 400 mm above the product’s surface.

What Makes Invixium Solutions So Rugged? - Invixium’s premier solution for rugged environments is IXM TITAN, which is certified with IP67 and IK10 ratings. These ratings mean TITAN is fully protected against the ingress of dust or water from heavy jets (e.g. a hose) and a full 20 joules of impact. Invixium has engineered TITAN with the most challenging work environments in mind, such as mines, construction sites, oil refineries, seaports and more. To achieve these ratings, TITAN is built with an all-aluminum exterior that is impact, scratch and dent resistant as well as a Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5.0” IPS LCD screen to protect your device’s touchscreen from scratches and shattering. Invixium recommends outdoor installations with IXM TITAN include an overhang to further protect the solution in the case of heavy water, such as rain or snow, so our customers can be assured that their system will never fail.
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