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Biometrics: Flexible and Effective Across Different Industries

Date: May 23, 2022 | Reading Time: < 1 MINS

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Security Magazine recently featured an article from Invixium’s CEO and President, Shiraz Kapadia. In his piece, Kapadia discusses the flexibility of our biometric solutions across different industry types and how we have continued to create new answers to the problems modern businesses face, from access control to health, safety, and security.

All across the globe, companies turn to Invixium to optimize the way they operate. Kapadia’s article showcases real-world examples of our biometric solutions bringing instant benefits to businesses. One wellness company in the Middle East installed our TITAN biometric readers across multiple offices in different countries to obtain accurate staff attendance data, allowing them to streamline their payroll system. A medical manufacturing company in the UK also migrated from card-based time clocks to TITAN face-recognition with temperature screening via IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit from Invixium, ensuring safe operation for their staff during the pandemic. Finally, a data center in the Midwestern United States deployed TITANs to replace legacy hand geometry models, for enhanced security and improved speed of authentication.

To read Kapadia’s full article about these companies and their implementation of our versatile biometric solutions, click here.

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