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Case Study: Invixium Biometric Solutions used for Security and Convenience of Luxury High Rise Condo Residents

What do you do when you are a developer of luxurious residential properties and want to provide the best possible experience to your customers in terms of security as well as convenience but the solution you initially select for this becomes a nuisance instead? This is exactly what happened to one of our customers – Panorama Towers.

Panorama Towers  Las Vegas
Figure 1: Views of Las Vegas from Panorama Towers

With sweeping views of Las Vegas including the famous Vegas Strip, Panorama Towers is a $600M, multiple award-winning, luxury high-rise condo complex with 635 residential units. A real estate listing might use the following words to sell you a unit here, “You’ll experience a very open feeling in any of the units at Panorama Towers with 10’ high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows with spectacular views of the mountain and the Strip. Valet parking, 24-hour security, and concierge services are offered here, in addition to a state of the art 5000 sqft. fitness center, separate his and hers spa facilities, heated pool, yoga room, large screen theater room and wine cellar.”

As part of the 24-hour security as well as to provide the utmost convenience to the residents, the management decided to install fingerprint biometric readers throughout the 2 towers. This meant that the residents would never have to carry around access cards in their pocket, While the intent and the decision to go with a biometric solution was spot on, there were several major issues they were faced with:

  • The biometric readers were performing poorly, especially with wet or moist fingerprints on fingerprint readers installed outdoors
  • The architecture of the entire solution was poorly set up which led to problems with elevator control and transfer of users to different devices
  • The database kept crashing every 30-45 days

The setup was so complicated that Panorama had no less than 3 different professional system integrators try and improve the experience for the management as well as the residents but to no avail.

IXM SENSE 2 with Lumidigm sensor
Figure 2: IXM SENSE 2 with Lumidigm Sensor

This is when the Panorama management approached Lanmor Services. With operations in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, Lanmor is a robust full service, self-performing security integrator specializing in access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, electrified locking devices, doors, hardware and around-the-clock automation since 2000. Zoël Bastarache Jr. with over 30 years of access control experience working out of Lanmor’s Las Vegas office, along with his expert colleagues, was able to architect an enterprise-class solution using RS2 access control system seamlessly integrated with Invixium biometric readers Being licensed RS2 dealers, Zoël and his team were extremely comfortable working with the RS2 software.

They were introduced to the Invixium SENSE 2 biometric readers by the RS2 team due to several reasons:

  • The design of the Invixium readers was considered ideal for such a luxurious condo
  • Invixium readers use multispectral sensors for optimal performance even in the case of worn-out fingerprints or wet/sweaty fingerprints after pool or gym activity
  • SENSE 2 is rated IP65 and is ideal for outdoor installations
  • Invixium’s IXM WEB software and RS2’s Access It software were seamlessly integrated with bidirectional data synchronization
The Invixium-RS2 Solution Architecture
Figure 3: The Invixium-RS2 Solution Architecture

After a successful proof of concept was carried out with the Invixium-RS2 system using SENSE 2 Lumidigm units, IXM Link and Access It!, Lanmor ended up purchasing a total of 80 SENSE 2 L units for the 2 towers. These units were installed across major access points including building entrances, elevators, gym, swimming pool, lockers, storage rooms, etc. and continue to function seamlessly to this day.

Video: SENSE 2 Lumidigm Performing with Wet Fingers

Since switching to an Invixium-RS2 solution, there have been no complaints from the Panorama management. A successful deployment meant Lanmor now visits the customer only for regular scheduled maintenance. The simple software made it easy for the customer to register, enroll and manage users. “When we first visited the customer, the solution was a complete mess. Some readers were not authenticating the registered users, there was data loss every once in a while, the fundamental architecture of the existing biometric solution just didn’t work for this application and everyone was frustrated,” says Zoël. “I am glad I was introduced to the Invixium readers at the time. The design of the readers and the simplicity of the Invixium-RS2 solution was the perfect solution. In-fact we did not even have to change the wiring. We used the existing wiring and just replaced the readers and it all works great! With fantastic support from their HQ in Toronto, we managed to complete the installation within the stipulated time and budget, much to the customer’s delight.” added Mr. Bastarache Jr.

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