IXM TOUCH Elegance of Design

Diamond design: Million Dollar Mansion Gets the Finishing TOUCH of Elegance

Today’s featured smart home install is located in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida inside a luxurious private residence. The home sits on a luscious estate inside an exclusive community, just off the shores of sunny Juno Beach. When the owner of the residence decided that he wanted a modern, stylish solution for securing his property, he approached diamond design to help him find the right one.

James Graley – President of diamond design – first came across Invixium at the CEDIA tradeshow in San Diego back in 2015. Being a Platinum Control4 Dealer, he was looking for a biometric access control solution that could provide custom smart home automation to his elite clientele. James was on the hunt for a solution that not only worked seamlessly with Control4’s system, but also had a straightforward installation experience.

Enter, Invixium. It was the elegance and compactness of our products that had caught James’ eye. The integration with Control4 and integrated intercom is what sealed the deal.

After getting to know our devices, James was ecstatic to get to work on his client’s luxury estate. He knew his client would love the sleek, modern look of the IXM product line which also offered convenient PoE solutions to make installation even easier. The IXM TOUCH FP1X with WiFi capabilities further reduced the need for additional wiring since the device could communicate with its server wirelessly. James’ client had purchased his home already equipped with a Crestron integration system, however he wanted to switch over to Control4’s user-friendly home automation system and find a visually stunning biometric access solution to put on the wall.

James’ client now enjoys secure and convenient access control using just his fingerprint. His elegant TOUCH device controls the door strike on a Baldwin Door Lock which opens to his 6000-square foot master bedroom.

“We’ve been really happy with the TOUCH device we installed,” says Graley, President of diamond design. “We’re very satisfied with all the Invixium products we’ve worked with and we’ll be installing more of them in the future.”

Since there are multiple devices affixed to multiple entryways throughout the home, the owner can grant different levels of access depending on the user. Instead of giving out keys to his housekeeper or maintenance staff, the client can simply program their fingerprints into IXM WEB and restrict their access to the areas that they’re in charge of. Elegant security at your fingertips.

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