IXM TOUCH Installed at Inviting Showroom in Switzerland

Modern Smart Office Automation for an Inviting Showroom in Switzerland

Boris Schürmann, founding partner and project manager at Media Excellent Solutions (MEXSO), came across Invixium’s stunning products at Integrated Systems Europe, the world’s largest AV and System Integration exhibition held in Amsterdam every year in early February. He was instantly intrigued by the elegant design but also the endless possibilities and use cases for smart office automation as a result of the clever integration with Control4. Eager to experience this modern technology for himself, he proceeded to order an IXM TOUCH X-series for his own quaint showroom in Switzerland.

Located outside of the capital city of Bern, MEXSO operates as a total technical solutions provider. Prior to their discovery of Invixium, the MEXSO team had previously installed a competitor fingerprint biometric product at the entrance of their showroom, which operated on antiquated RS-485 communication protocol and cumbersome programming. The team ended up replacing the competitor product with an IXM TOUCH FP2X. The wiring was quick and easy due to Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), and the Composer programming a breeze due to the integrated driver. The IXM TOUCH is now used to trigger the Alarm System, Lighting and Intercom in the contemporary showroom.

“We are very happy with the IXM TOUCH X-series in our showroom,” says Schürmann. “The installation experience with Invixium product was extremely easy and the Control4 driver made the process even easier. I would definitely recommend Invixium products for homeowners and business owners looking for modern and convenient access technology.”

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