Biometric Access Control for Residential Community

HabiTech Systems: Upscale Residential Community Opts for Convenient Biometric Access for Their Residents

The Oakmont Residence is a charming 556-acre residential community with a focus on easy and stylish living that is balanced with nature at every touch point. This luscious neighbourhood surrounded by the perfect blend of greenery and urban sprawl located in Gainesville, FL features a vast array of amenities including a resident club, pool, fitness centre, and much more.

Oakmost Residence

When it came time to implement a security system in the clubhouse, the builder – ICI Homes – got in touch with HabiTech Systems and requested a biometric access control solution that would provide convenient, reliable security for its residents. As soon as they heard “biometrics,” HabiTech knew they had the perfect solution.

ICI Homes

Being a Platinum Control4 Dealer, HabiTech had first come across Invixium during a Control4 Dealer Event held in Jacksonville, FL and were happy to find a high-quality product that not only delivered an amazing experience to the user, but also aligned with their focus on low voltage solutions.

During our interview with Ted Elliot, the Operations Manager at HabiTech Systems, it was mentioned that the ICI Oakmont team was looking for secure and convenient methods of access for all the shared facilities at the Oakmont Residence. Invixium was a great solution since it provided the convenience of biometrics and allowed property management to implement RFID cards for the few incidences of temporary access.

With the perfect product selected for the job, the HabiTech team quickly got to work installing 8 IXM devices. 5 SENSE FP2 units were installed for exterior locations such as side and back gates. 3 TOUCH FP2X units were installed at interior locations such as the grand meeting room and fitness centre entrances.

 ICI Oakmont

The SENSE units installed at exterior entrances are an ideal solution thanks to their ruggedized Lumidigm sensors. Their multispectral fingerprint imaging allows for reliable authentication time and time again, even with wet, dirty, or damaged fingers. Now visitors who get caught in the rain or are coming straight from the pool won’t have issues using the biometric device and won’t have to worry about carrying keys or cards for access.

Front Gate IXM Device

The Power-over-Ethernet feature made installation a breeze for HabiTech and it didn’t take long before they had all the devices up and running. With a biometric access control solution in place, it eliminated the need for residents to constantly carry their key cards on them to access the club house. Users could now be enrolled and given access to all the provided amenities. The entire community now enjoys the convenience and elevated security of a biometric access control solution.

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