IXM Convert

Revolutionary. Extensive. Migration Solution.

IXM Convert is a revolutionary module in IXM WEB which allows for migration of existing biometric systems to Invixium. This module converts non proprietary fingerprint images and fingerprint templates into standardized Invixium biometric templates. An essential migration utility with multiple options for bulk data import prior to the conversion including:

  • Direct database access
  • CSV files

What’s more? The IXM CONVERT module also allows you to change your biometric products in the future, should you ever want it. We do not want you tied down to Invixium if you’re not satisfied, however we do believe that you wouldn’t want to change once you get the Invixium experience!

Why IXM Convert?

In lay man’s terms, existing biometric systems make it almost impossible for enterprises to shift to more modern, technologically advanced biometric solutions available in the market. The major hindrance here is the reenrollment of the large user base. IXM Convert tackles this hurdle by converting non-proprietary biometric images of existing biometric systems into Invixium format biometric records, to allow you to seamlessly deploy Invixium products at your facility. The total time saved can lead to cost savings ranging from $5000 to $50,000 based on the region and the number of employees.

The freedom to change biometric devices in the future is just an icing on the cake.

  • EfficientNo need to reenroll the existing user population if you want to shift to Invixium biometric products.
  • New AgeWe don’t want you to be stuck to antiquated biometric products because of a long, arduous, time consuming process.
  • LimitlessWe believe that our products are the best and we did not want a technical limitation to prevent the world from experiencing them. So we went ahead and solved it for you.
  • RevolutionaryLiterally a revolutionary product for the biometrics industry. Invixium is the FIRST company to offer such a feature.
  • AutomatedShift to the latest and most advanced biometric products today, essentially with the click of a button.
  • FreedomNow, always stay flexible with your biometric product options.

System Architecture

IXM Link works by syncing two databases, allowing for two-way communication.



How it works

As shown in the architecture, IXM Convert will accept user biometric images or templates from various sources including:

  • Third party database through direct database access
  • Bulk data from CSV file or in file format

IXM Convert will then convert these images into required formats

  • The images will be converted into biometric templates and saved onto the IXM WEB database
  • IXM WEB database will store all data in Invixium biometric record format

If enrollment is done using IXM devices, we will give you the ability to store RAW images for future proofing

ROI Calculations

China North America
Number of employees 1,000 1,000
Average time taken to enroll employee 20 minutes 20 minutes
Average time to enroll 1,000 employees 20,000 minutes = 333 hours = 42 man days 20,000 minutes = 333 hours = 42 man days
Productivity lost 42 days 42 days
Average cost due to lost productivity $35/hour* = $280/day $100/hour* = $800/day
Costs for shifting without IXM Convert for 1,000 employees $11,760 $33,600
IXM Convert Cost for 1,000 employees (5,000 templates) $4,500 $4,500
Costs Saved $7,260 $29,100