Middle East Source for Invixium biometric products

New Middle East Source for Invixium biometric products

Invixium Access Inc., manufacturer of modern, IP-based biometric products is pleased to announce that the Invixium biometric products range, including the new IXM MERGE series will now be available from Digital Factors in UAE.

Known for an exquisite design and high quality construction, Invixium products provide secure access control and convenient time and attendance tracking of employees. The current portfolio of IXM MYCRO, SENSE, TOUCH incorporate highly sought after features such as Android OS, high resolution optical sensors by Lumidigm and SecuGen and capacitive touchscreen LCD with Corning Gorilla Glass. The new IXM MERGE series features state-of-the-art technologies including an IPS capacitive touchscreen with 170 degree viewing angle, Active Thermal sensor with superior image capture capabilities and Flex-Rigid PCBA to achieve a sleek and slim profile.

Invixium takes pride in developing biometric products that work. One major achievement and advantage is the sensor interoperability amongst the entire product range allowing installations with different models with uninterrupted authentication performance regardless of the enrolment device.

“Our products just work,” says Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium. “We work hard to deliver products close to perfection, at a pace that is unprecedented in our industry. Next step is to expand globally by partnering with like-minded companies that are relentless, aggressive, customer focused and problem solvers. Digital Factors has the calibre and I am pleased to announce that integrators and customers in the UAE and surrounding areas can now purchase IXM products from Digital Factors,” adds Kapadia.

“We were looking for an innovative, robust and a trust worthy biometrics partner and we are now extremely pleased to have associated with Invixium,” says Mohammed Zaheer, General Manager for Digital Factors.

“Invixium products are manufactured in Canada with promising factors like Design, Quality and Experience will enable us to serve our customers in a unique way. We are sure that their reliability and durability will be qualities our customers will very much appreciate,” adds Zaheer.

The Invixium product range was showcased at Intersec 2017 and the partnership was formally announced at the Digital Factors private event for VIP customers on the evening of Jan 23rd at the IBIS hotel, Dubai World Trade Centre.

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