IXM Reports

Track. Monitor. Control.

Reports is a licensed module available in IXM WEB, which along with Invixium biometric devices helps enterprises and businesses to prevent time theft and improve workforce productivity from a centralized location. Reports allows for full control of employee working hours and monitoring of time theft in real time via IXM WEB helping you save costs by eliminating overpayments, increasing productivity with enhanced control, preventing buddy punching and more – all with the click of a button.

Time and attendance systems have proven to save costs by eliminating multiple forms of time theft such as absenteeism, late arrivals, early departures and extended breaks. Coupled with Invixium biometric devices, buddy punching can be completely eradicated as fingerprints cannot be duplicated. Reports also allows to improve workforce productivity as it helps monitor employee working hours more accurately. Saved costs and increased productivity eventually affect the company bottom line in a positive manner.

Why Reports?

One of the key functions and applications of biometric devices is that it helps prove that the individuals actually are who they say they are. That means it is almost impossible to fool a biometric device of your identity.

One of the major applications of this characteristic is preventing time theft in large industries, factories and enterprises. Research says that the top ways that employees steal time include – fudging the time (recording inaccurate times), buddy punching, extended breaks and swipe card excuses (lost, not accepting, forgot, etc.). All of these can be dealt with by installing Invixium biometric devices and using the Reports module in IXM WEB. Research has also shown that companies lose millions ever year due to time theft conducted by employees.

Reports allows you to track the working hours of each and every employee at your premises with the help of our biometric devices. Since the fingerprint cannot be lost, stolen, left at home or “faulty”, the excuses stop there.

All you need to do is purchase Reports from IXM WEB and it will start generating reports and track your employees at the click of a button.

  • Centralized ControlNo separate software or hardware needed, no need to manage multiple companies or platforms. Reports comes integrated as a part of IXM WEB giving you the centralized control that Invixium promises.
  • Increased SecurityReports works with Invixium biometric devices to prevent buddy punching.
  • No Time TheftHas proven to save costs and improve workforce productivity by eliminating multiple forms of time thefts.
  • EffectiveImproved monitoring, control and tracking of employees. Reduced overpayment to employees.
  • Worth ItReports is a basic T&A software for basic use. Why pay extra when you use only the basic?

System Architecture

The Reports module can be purchased from IXM WEB. Once purchased, businesses can monitor and track employee working hours such as in time, out time, break time, total working hours per day, per week, per month, etc.

Every time an employee enters the office, access will only be granted using Invixium biometric devices and a log will be created in the database.

Using these logs, the Reports module can generate up to 17 different forms of reports for workforce management. These reports can then be used to calculate accurate wage payments, total working hours for each employee in a given period and much more.

ROI Calculations

Number of employees 500 500
Total time theft per employee per day (5 minutes when clocking in and 5 minutes when clocking out) 10 minutes 10 minutes
Average time theft for 50 employees per day (10% employees) 500 minutes = 8.3 hours = 1 man day 500 minutes = 8.3 hours = 1 man day
Cumulative Productivity lost annually (225 working days) 225 man days 225 man days
Average productivity costs $35/hour* = $280/day $100/hour* = $800/day
Costs due to lost productivity per year to time theft $63,000 $180,000
Cost of IXM Reports Module $499 $499
Costs Saved $62,501 $179,501