Access Control Information Settings

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This specification will enable the users to specify their access rule through the Access Control Feature in the Add User or the Edit user option.

Access Control Feature

  • Click the USERS tile >> Add User app. Application will redirect to the Add User window along with “Access Control Information” section in the middle.
  • Below is the complete list of information for Access Control settings:
    • Access Rule:Based on the access rule this device will provide access to the users. IXM WEB supports the following Access Rules:
      • ➣ Biometrics Only
      • ➣ Biometrics Strict
      • ➣ Card Only
      • ➣ Card Strict
      • ➣ Biometric + Card
      • ➣ Biometric + Card Strict
      • ➣ Biometric + PIN
      • ➣ Biometric + PIN Strict
      • ➣ Card + PIN
      • ➣ Card + PIN Strict
      • ➣ Biometric + Card + PIN Only
      • ➣ Biometric + Card + PIN Strict
      • ➣ ID Only
      • ➣ ID Strict
      • ➣ ID + Biometric
      • ➣ ID + Biometric Strict
      • ➣ ID + Biometric + PIN
      • ➣ ID + Biometric + PIN Strict
      • ➣ ID + PIN
    • Access Schedule: Based on the Access Schedule, the device will decide the access of a user on a particular device. By default, IXM WEB will show “No Access” and “Full Access” for all IXM Devices. Newly created access schedules will be displayed in this section.
    • Holidays: It assigns holiday(s) to a user using Access Schedule.
    • 1:1 Security: It is used for verification purposes when a user tries to get access (using Card/ID); device will decide based on security level set.
    • 1: N Security: It is used for identification purposes when a user tries to get access (using Biometric); device will decide based on security level set.
    • Open Time:It will overwrite the device level open time and the door will open for a given time after authorization of user on the device.
    • Start Date:It is used to specify the start date for accessing the device.
    • End Date:It is used to specify the end date for accessing the device.
    • Suspend User: Application user can suspend other users from accessing the device.
    • PIN:This PIN number will be used while authorizing user on the device if PIN related access rule is selected.
    • Prox ID:Assign Prox Card to a user.
    • Smartcard ID:Assign Smart Card to a user.
    • User Type:Application user can specify user types either as a User or as an Administrator, which normal user will not be able to access but administrator can access the same applications.
    • Anti-Passback:Device level Anti-Passback setting will be applied to a user only when this setting is ACTIVE.
    • Facility Code:A facility code is a set of information used in a proximity or smart card to increase security. When presenting a credential to a reader the facility code as well as the card number will be read to verify if the credential holder has access. In a system where the facility code is used; if either the facility code or the card number is not in the system then the card holder will not be granted access.
    • Issue Level:Number of cards issued to particular user with particular facility code.
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