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E-mail notification is a very important feature of all IXM Devices. When something unusual happens within the system, an email will be sent to the user who is configured on the device. Upon reception of the email, the user can take necessary actions depending on the notification. So, when any specific event occurs, the device will check whether email notification is enabled for this event or not. If email notification is enabled, then the device will send an email to the configured email addresses. IXM WEB will be used to configure the events.

Following events will be notified using mail:

  • Battery Discharging (Only for battery supporting devices)
  • Battery Critical (Only for battery supporting devices)
  • Duress
  • Access Denied
  • Anti-Shock

Configure Email Notification

  • Click CONFIG tile -> Email Notification app. Application will redirect to the Email Notification window.
  • Provide all the necessary details for Email Notification settings. “SMTP Server”, “SMTP Port”, “Email Id” and “To” are mandatory fields to use the Email Notification feature on the device. Click Apply.
  • Once the settings are saved to the IXM Device, application will show a confirmation message.


1. Who can configure Email Notification settings on a device?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the CONFIG tile can configure Email Notification settings on a device using IXM WEB.

2. Can I provide multiple email IDs for the To, Cc or Bcc fields?

Yes, IXM WEB supports multiple email IDs in To, Cc and Bcc fields. Users need to separate all the email IDs by a “,” (comma).

3. Can I change the Body and Subject for each event?

Yes, IXM WEB provides default content in the Body and Subject for all the events. Users can update these details and place a custom message as per their liking.

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