Configuring Camera settings in IXM WEB

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Camera settings allow users to detect face for the authentication process by turning Face Detection ON. It also provides an option to download the captured image of the detected face automatically in Transaction Log. In dark environments, camera settings provide an option to set the LED Flash on/off.

For TITAN user can activate Multiple Face detection, Live Face Detection, Liveness Level. It also provides an option to turn ON Auto Exposure on face. During face detection, user can change the volume of the capturing sound using through Camera settings.

Configuring Camera settings in IXM WEB

  • Click CONFIG tile >> Camera app to view default settings.
  • The list of settings along with their functions are outlined below:
    • Flash: Based on the brightness of the room, user can set the LED flash light to one of the following:
      • OFF
      • ON
      • Auto
    • In case of a perpetually dark room, user can select “ON” for Flash, to ensure that the face is captured properly. For rooms that have varying levels of darkness throughout the day, “Auto” Flash should be selected.
    • Face detection: Toggle Face detection to “ACTIVE” mode to ensure that during authentication users are asked to show their face properly.
    • Auto Log Media: Activating Auto Log Media will send an image of the face detected during authentication to Transaction Logs automatically.
    • Auto Face Identification: Toggling Auto Face Identification to “ACTIVE” mode will keep the camera to always be on.
    • Auto Exposure on face: Activating Auto Exposure on face will do white balancing and it will set auto exposure on the detected face.
    • Mutiple Face detection: Toggling Multiple Face detection to ON will grant access to the user whose face is closest to the camera. If Multiple Face detection is OFF, the device will not grant access if there are multiple faces in the frame.
    • Live Face detection: Activating Live Face detection will ensure that only LIVE face is detected and prevents spoof (photograph) face detection.
    • Liveness Level: Based on this security level the device will detect liveness. User can set Liveness level to one of the following:
      • Low
      • Medium
      • High
      • Very High
    • Face Capture Sound: User can set value for face capture audio volume.
  • Once all the settings have been configured, click Apply to save the settings to the IXM device. A “Camera settings saved” message will be displayed. Click OK.
  • To reset the Camera settings back to default, Click Reset. Reconfirm the action by clicking Reset in the pop-up dialog. If “Cancel” option is selected, then no action will be taken.
  • A “Camera settings restored” message will be displayed. Click OK.
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