Configuring Email Settings using IXM WEB

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It is highly recommended that after installing IXM WEB, Email settings should be configured. Email Configuration settings will help in retrieving the password for IXM WEB in case it is forgotten. In addition, having email settings configured also makes the activation and license key requests easier.

It is also recommended to upgrade or install the latest version of IXM WEB to use this feature. IXM WEB versions onwards have the support of retrieving the forgotten password if the email settings are configured.

Configuring Email Settings in IXM WEB

Steps to configure Email Settings from IXM WEB:

1.Click Configure Email. The link is provided on the Sign In window.

Click HOME >> TOOLS tile >> Email Configuration app to setup SMTP Settings.

2. Toggle the “ON” button to add values for SMTP settings.

3. Enter values for “SMTP Host”, “SMTP Port” and “Send email message from” fields.

Note: If Gmail/Yahoo/msn etc. email servers are used for “SMTP Host” then “SMTP Login” and “SMTP Password” values need to be provided. Also in this case, “Secure Connection” needs to be set to either SSL or SSL/TLS.

4. After entering the values, click Test Connection and provide a valid email address. Click OK to send test email.

5. Click Save to save the SMTP Settings on the IXM WEB Database.

6. Once Email Configuration is completed, a Forgot password link will appear on the Sign In page.

Steps to Reset Password

1. Click Forgot password and enter the INVIXIUM ID or the email address which was used during configuration.

2. Click Reset to send the newly generated password to the provided email address. Click Redirect to Login to go back to the Sign In page.

3. Enter the INVIXIUM ID and the newly generated password received in your email on the Sign In page. (NOTE: Newly generated password will appear in BOLD fonts in the email.) Click Login to login successfully.

4. A Modify Password window will open. Enter the password received via email in the “Current Password” field. Provide a New Password to change it to a more preferred password.

5. Click Save to change the password. A “Password modified” message will be displayed. Click Cancel to close the window without changing the password.

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