Configuring IXM Link for Galaxy

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Link for Galaxy is designed to sync cardholders and their cards between Galaxy’s Access It! software and Invixium’s IXM WEB. Link is a license based module and requires a separate license to function.

Requesting License

  • From Home screen go to LICENSE tile >> Link >> Galaxy.
  • Select license required and click Request to see details to be sent to Invixium support in order to request license.
  • Details screen will vary based on whether SMTP settings are configured in IXM WEB:

    • If SMTP settings are not configured, a “Copy to Clipboard” button will appear.
    • Click it to copy request details shown on the clipboard. Paste the copied details in an email to to start licensing process.
    • b. When SMTP settings are configured, a “Send” button will appear.
    • Click it to email details displayed to Invixium support to start licensing process.
  • Once you receive the license key from Invixium, go back to the same page from which you requested license and input license key in the Key field as shown below.
  • Click Activate to apply license.

Configuring Wiegand to output Galaxy

  • Register all IXM devices.
  • From Home go to CONFIG tile and click Wiegand.
  • Select device as displayed:
  • Set ID Type of output Wiegand to Prox Card ID as displayed:
    Note: Invixium devices can have up to 512-bits customizable Wiegand format. The default output is Standard 26-bit. To change the output to a different Wiegand format, refer the Configuring Wiegand document.
  • Click Apply given in the Output section.
  • This would change the setting of device selected in step 3.
  • If you have more devices then follow steps 8 to 10 to copy all Wiegand settings to all devices simultaneously. Note: This copies all Wiegand settings.
  • From Home screen click quick link for Broadcast (satellite dish icon) or click SYNC tile and select Broadcast as displayed:
  • Select the device for which you’ve set the ID Type above and check Wiegand under the Communication section as displayed:
  • Click Broadcast in the lower right corner and select rest of devices in the popup as displayed. Click OK to copy all Wiegand settings of source device to all destination devices at once.

Field Mappings

1.1 General Field Mappings

Following are the Galaxy fields mapped with IXM WEB.

Galaxy FieldIXM FieldNotes
Common IDUser IDGalaxy allows alphanumeric & special characters in Common ID while IXM WEB allows only alphanumeric in User ID. Hence, IXM LINK will sync only those users whose Common ID value is compatible with IXM WEB. Also Common ID is not mandatory in Galaxy, and User ID in IXM WEB is mandatory; hence if it is blank, users won’t be imported from Galaxy to IXM WEB
First NameFirst Name 
Last NameLast Name 
PhoneMobile Phone 
DepartmentDepartmentDepartment of user in Galaxy will be imported in IXM WEB. And, department selected from IXM WEB will be exported to Galaxy. However, no new department would be created while exporting user from IXM WEB to Galaxy.
Home Phone (Personal Tab)Home Phone 
Address1 (Personal Tab)Address – 1 
Address2 (Personal Tab)Address -2 
City (Personal Tab)City 
State (Personal Tab)State 
Main Photograph (Personal Tab)ZIP Code 
Zip Code (Personal Tab)Photo 
Date1 (Personal Tab)Start DateIf both Date1 and Date2 are specified then they are synced from Galaxy to IXM WEB
Date2 (Personal Tab)End DateIf both Date1 and Date2 are specified then they are synced from Galaxy to IXM WEB
D.O.B. (Personal Tab)Birth Date 
Inactive (Personal Tab)Suspend UserGalaxy doesn’t allow actually deleting users while using through IXM LINK, so records deleted in IXM WEB are flagged inactive in Galaxy.
PIN (Card/Badge Settings – Card1 Tab)PINPIN in IXM WEB can range from 4 to 10 digits; while in Galaxy PIN can range from 0 to 65535.Hence, PIN will be exported to Galaxy if it lies in range of 0 to 65535 but only those PIN will work with IXM Device whose range is between 4 to 10 digits.

1.2 Prox ID Field Mapping

Card TechnologyField in GalaxyField In IXM WEB
BarcodeCard CodeProx ID
Card CodeCard Code
Galaxy KeypadCard Code
Magnetic StripeCard Code
U.S. Government ID (FASCN)Card Code
ABA Format (Clock/Data)Card Code
26 Bit WiegandID Code
Cypress 37 BitID Code
HID 37 Bit Standard H10304ID Code
HID Corporate 1000ID Code
HID Corporate 1000 (48 Bit)ID Code
XceedID 40 BitID Code
BQT (36 Bit)Access

1.3 Facility Code Field Mapping

Card TechnologyField in GalaxyField In IXM WEB
Card CodeN/A
Galaxy KeypadN/A
Magnetic StripeN/A
U.S. Government ID (FASCN)N/A
ABA Format (Clock/Data)N/A
26 Bit WiegandFacility Code
Cypress 37 BitFacility Code
HID 37 Bit Standard H10304Facility Code
HID Corporate 1000Company Code
HID Corporate 1000 (48 Bit)Company Code
XceedID 40 BitSite Code
BQT (36 Bit)Facility

1.4 Facility Code Field Mapping

Card TechnologyField in GalaxyField In IXM WEB
BarcodeN/AIssue Level Range is 0 to 15 in Galaxy, Hence if value of Issue Level is not in this range in IXM WEB; its value would be set to 0.
Card CodeN/A
Galaxy KeypadN/A
Magnetic StripeN/A
U.S. Government ID (FASCN)N/A
ABA Format (Clock/Data)N/A
26 Bit WiegandN/A
Cypress 37 BitN/A
HID 37 Bit Standard H10304N/A
HID Corporate 1000N/A
HID Corporate 1000 (48 Bit)N/A
XceedID 40 BitN/A
BQT (36 Bit)Issue #

Configuring LINK for Galaxy

  • Click on Link tile >> Galaxy app. By default, the Galaxy configuration is turned OFF.
  • Enable editing configuration by toggling switch in top right corner to ON Data is not synchronized when configuration is applied with this switch in OFF position.
  • Each configuration setting is explained below:

    • Web Service URL: Galaxy API URL.
    • Web Service User: Name to log into Galaxy.
    • Web Service Password: Password to log into Galaxy.
    • Card Type: Valid Card format which allow syncing of cards between Galaxy and IXM WEB.
    • Interval: Latency acceptable between data transfer.
    • Sync Direction:

      • ➣ Sync data from Galaxy to IXM WEB
      • ➣ Sync data from IXM WEB to Galaxy
      • ➣ Sync data both ways. LINK will update IXM WEB first and then Galaxy.
    • Auto Transfer:LINK can send all users imported from Galaxy to all registered Invixium devices. Other options include – (a) not sending any users automatically or (b) sending only users whose fingerprint(s) are enrolled.
    • Note:If you’ve created any User Group on any device then turn Auto Transfer off by setting it to None of the Users to Any Device. User Group and Device Group are alternative mechanisms provided to distribute users to devices and they don’t mix well. You should turn this off and use User Group/Device Group feature when number of users imported from Galaxy exceeds number of users allowed on IXM device(s).
  • Click Apply to save the changes.
  • Visiting this view while main switch is ON collapses Configuration section and expands Activity section.
  • Here you can see some data pertaining to last and next run times.
  • Clicking Sync Now immediately starts synchronizing pending data. This is useful when you don’t want to wait until the next scheduled run which is shown in Next Run At.
  • When data is syncing at the given interval, the numbers on the view would change accordingly.

Department from Galaxy

  • Click USER tile >> 1.Add User app. Click the “ellipsis” button next to Department to see department imported from Galaxy.

Multiple Cards

Galaxy can have multiple cards per user but IXM WEB supports only one Prox card. Link selects one of the cards (the first available) which is valid.


Configuring Panel feedback with Galaxy

  • Connect Wiegand Data D0 of Galaxy with WDATA_OUT0 of IXM device, Wiegand Data D1 of Galaxy with WDATA_OUT1 & Wiegand Ground of Galaxy with WGND of IXM Device.
  • Connect LED of Galaxy with ACP_LED1 of IXM device.
  • Click CONFIG tile >> Panel Feedback app. By default, the Panel Feedback is turned OFF.
  • Toggle Panel Feedback settings to “ON”, LED Control By Panel to “ACTIVE” & Select LED Mode as “One LED”.
  • Click Apply to save the changes.
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