Configuring VPN Profile Settings Using IXM WEB

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IXM WEB allows users to configure VPN profile settings on IXM Devices. To establish communication over VPN, user must enable VPN Status. A user can create a profile without enabling VPN status, but if the VPN status is disabled then the IXM Device will not be able to establish a successful connection. Once VPN status is enabled, the user will be able to communicate through VPN.

To create a VPN Profile, IXM WEB provides the following VPN protocol types:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec – PSK
  • L2TP/IPSec – RSA
  • IPSec Xauth PSK
  • IPSec Xauth RSA
  • IPSec Xauth Hybrid

To establish a secure VPN Communication, IXM WEB will allow to Upload and Install Server, User and CA Certificates.

Configuring VPN from IXM WEB

  • Click CONFIG tile -> VPN app to get default settings for VPN window.
  • Toggle ON VPN Profile Setting.
  • Provide all the necessary settings for VPN. “Profile Name”, “Server Address”, “User Name” and “Password” are mandatory fields to use VPN feature on device.
  • Click Manage Certificates to upload and use certificate for VPN.
  • Application will redirect to “Certificate Management” window and the below screen will be displayed to user.
  • Click Upload and application will redirect to selected certificate page.
  • Select appropriate certificate and click Open. Application will redirect to the process window and upon completion of the process, below confirmation message will be displayed.
  • Click Install to install certificate. Once certificate gets installed, the application will show below success message.
  • Click Apply to save changes for VPN.
  • Once connected to VPN server, its status will change to “Connected” and a VPN IP will be assigned to the device.


1. Who can configure VPN settings on the device?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the CONFIG tile can configure VPN settings on the device from IXM WEB.

2. Can I create more than one VPN user profiles?

No, user can create only one VPN Profile per IXM device to establish a VPN connection.

3. Can I upload more than one certificate?

Yes, users can upload more than one certificate for VPN.

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