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IXM devices have provisions to allow for other Wiegand devices (ie. External card reader) to be connected and provide signals for Wiegand Input.

Utilizing the Wiegand Input feature requires the following:

  • Hard wire connections to the Wiring Harness of the IXM device.
  • Configuration of the Wiegand Input settings in IXM WEB.

The Wiegand Input settings in IXM WEB supports up to 5 Wiegand formats, Wiegand PassThru and Cards Passthru functions.

There are two Pre-defined Wiegand Formats setup by default:

  1. Standard 26 bit
  2. IXM 42 bit EM Prox

Hard Wire Connections

The Wiegand Input connections are highlighted below and can be located on the Bottom Connector of the Wiring Harness of the IXM device. The corresponding outputs from the Wiegand device should be connected to these wires.

INVIXIUM recommends the use of the all ground wires.

Configuring Wiegand Input in IXM WEB

1. From Home screen go to CONFIG tile >> Wiegand app to view default settings.

2. To activate the Wiegand Input settings, toggle “Input” to ON.

3. The list of settings along with their functions are outlined below:


  • Wiegand Passthru: ACTIVE/INACTIVE state so that all bits of the Wiegand string are sent.
  • Cards Passthru: ACTIVE/INACTIVE state so that all bits of the Card Serial Number (CSN) are sent.
  • Input Wiegand Format:

    • Card Assignment: Selection of the Card number
    • Format: Selection of one of the Pre-defined Wiegand formats or Custom formats uploaded
    • Verify Facility Code:ACTIVE/INACTIVE state

4. Once all the settings have been configured, click Apply to save the settings to the IXM device. An “Input Weigand saved” message will be displayed. Click OK..

5. To reset the Input Weigand settings back to default, Click Reset.Reconfirm the action by clicking Reset in the pop-up dialog. If “Cancel” option is selected, then no action will be taken.

6. The “Input Wiegand restored” message will be displayed. Click OK.


1. Who can configure Wiegand Input in IXM WEB?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the CONFIG tile can configure Wiegand Input settings in IXM WEB.

2. Can multiple Wiegand Input formats be assigned for single cards?

No, only one Wiegand format can be assigned for any card.

3. Can a similar Wiegand format be used for multiple cards?

No, a similar Wiegand format for multiple cards cannot be selected.

4. Can Wiegand and Card PassThru be set simultaneously?

No, only one PassThru can be set at any given time.

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