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The Wiegand protocol is a technology used for card readers in access control applications. The Wiegand interface involves 3 hard wires: DATA0, DATA1 and common ground.

The Wiegand Pulse settings (pulse width and interval) can be set for the Wiegand signal of IXM devices via IXM WEB.

Configuring Wiegand Pulse in IXM WEB

1. From Home screen go to CONFIG tile >>Wiegand app to view default settings.

2. The list of settings along with their functions are outlined below:

  • Width: The width of the digital pulse of the Wiegand signal can be set between 20-2000 Microseconds.
  • Interval: The interval of the digital pulse of the Wiegand signal can be set between 200-20000 Microseconds.

3. Once all the settings have been configured, click Apply to save the settings to the IXM Device. A “Wiegand pulse setting saved” message will be displayed. Click OK.

4. To reset the Output Wiegand settings back to default, click Reset. Reconfirm the action by clicking Reset in the pop-up dialog. If “Cancel” option is selected, then no action will be taken.

5. A “Wiegand pulse setting restored” message will be displayed. Click OK.


1. Who can configure Wiegand Pulse Settings in IXM WEB?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the CONFIG tile can configure Wiegand Pulse settings in IXM WEB.

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