Creating User Groups from IXM WEB

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User groups is a logical grouping of the users based on certain criteria such as shifts, departments, seniority etc. Each user must be a part of at least one group. By default, all users are in the default group though they can be added to other groups. Devices can be added to any groups. Hence while sending any data to IXM Devices, selecting a particular group will select all the devices in that group.

Groups are also used for multi-user verification. Each group created in IXM WEB must be present in every device (which supports Groups) registered in IXM WEB. Whenever any device is registered, all the groups are transferred to registered device. Other options like Add, Delete and Transfer groups are available

The administrator can create groups for different departments and add users to these groups. The prupose of creating user group is to provide access or restrict access to the users. The admistrator can create a maximum of 50 groups.

Steps to create User Groups from IXM WEB

  • Go to USERS tile >> User Groups app.
  • Click Create to add new user group. Provide the “Name” and “Details” for the new user group and click Create.
  • Application will show a success message and the new user group will be added to the list of user groups. Click OK.
  • Once the required Users groups are created, the administrator can add any user to any group during enrollment.
    Users groups will be useful for creating departments, and transferring entire groups to different IXM devices to avoid enrolling each user separately on them.
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