Deleting Devices from IXM WEB

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Device delete functionality is used to delete registered device(s) from IXM WEB. User can delete devices from Devices list window.

Deleting Device from IXM WEB

  • Click DEVICES tile >> “Devices” app to get device list window.
  • Select device(s) which need to be deleted and click Delete.
  • Enter valid password and click Delete again.


1. Who can delete devices from IXM WEB?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the DEVICES tile can delete devices from IXM WEB.

2. Can I delete the device from IXM WEB when the device is offline?

Yes, even if a device is offline you can delete the device from the IXM WEB database.

3. Will all the user record(s) which are synced between the device and IXM WEB get deleted if I delete the Device from IXM WEB?

No, this process is only to delete device entry from IXM WEB database not users which were enrolled for that device.

4. If I delete the Device from IXM WEB, are all user records saved on the device also deleted?

No, none of the user records which are saved on the device will be deleted.

5. If I delete the Device from IXM WEB, are all config settings stored on the device also deleted?

No, the Config settings will remain intact in the device, they are not affected as this process just removes device entry from the IXM WEB Database.

6. I have created one user on Device A and then transferred it to Device B and C from IXM WEB. If I delete Device A from IXM WEB, will that user also get deleted from Device B and C?

No, if the end user transfers one user record on multiple devices and even if one of those devices is deleted, it will not affect the user record.

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