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This specification will allow users to manage and configure display settings like setting time, managing background image file(s), turning ON/OFF display and managing photos on TITAN, TOUCH 2 and MERGE.

Configure Display Setting features

1. Click CONFIG tile >> Display app.

2. The “Duration” option provides the flexibility to increase or decrease the duration of the image display time on the LCD.

3. To display the image on the LCD for an infinite duration select the “Never Turn Off” option. Toggle “Never Turn Off” to activate settings and display images for infinite duration.

4. In the identification and verification process, IXM Device shows user’s photo if it is set at the time of enrollment. Toggle “User Photo” to “INACTIVE” to turn off user’s photo display on the device LCD during identification and verification processes on the IXM Device.

5. Upload the image on the device. Click Preview to manage image(s) on the device which will redirect to the “Manage Images” window.

6. Click Upload to upload a new image on the device and the progress bar will be displayed.

7. Upon process completion, a confirmation message will be displayed.

8. Click Apply to save changes.


1. Who can use Display feature in IXM WEB?

All IXM WEB users with access to the CONFIG tile can use Display feature in IXM WEB.

2. What is the maximum size of the Image that one can upload?

One can upload an image with a maximum size of 20 MB.

3. Which file formats are supported by IXM WEB?

IXM WEB supports .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .bmp file formats to display images on the LCD.

4. What is maximum duration time one can set to display images on the LCD?

A maximum duration of 600 seconds can be set to display images on the LCD using the “Duration” option. One can also set the duration to infinite time using the “Never Turn Off” option.

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