Exporting Transaction Logs from IXM TITAN to a USB Drive

Applies to

All Devices


Transactions are the events or activities taking place on INVIXIUM devices. All the transactions on the INVIXIUM device are logged into the transaction log database. Transaction log is a very important feature of an access control device. Using transaction logs, admin can verify the activity on the device. Devices can store a number of transaction logs and the maximum capacity depends upon product type.

Access Control Information Section

  • Connect the USB/OTG cable to the pin located at the bottom of IXM TITAN.
  • Once the USB cable is detected by the device, a “USB Drive detected” message will be displayed on the LCD and the top notification bar.
  • Tap the “USB Drive detected” message to view the USB Options for the device. Enter the valid credentials and tap DONE.
  • Tap on Export and the application will redirect to the “Export to USB” window.
  • Toggle All Transaction Logs to ON.
  • Tap on the Export icon on the top right corner of the LCD screen.
  • A new CSV file will be created in the USB drive root directory. The title of the CSV file will be in the following format – TransactionLog_yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss.csv.
  • This csv file will consist all the transaction logs present on the device.
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