How to Change LED Options on IXM Devices from IXM WEB

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IXM WEB allows users to change values of LED colors, counter, LED duration and LED intervals. By default, IXM WEB shows the following LED events:

  • Idle
  • Device Up
  • Place Finger
  • Remove Credentials
  • Access Granted
  • Access Denied
  • Processing
  • Error
  • Fire Alarm
  • Anti-Shock Alarm
  • Door Forced Open
  • Door Open Too Long
  • Door Open Schedule
  • Clear Alarm
  • Show Card
  • Presence Detect
  • Wait
  • User Not Found

Configure LED

  • Click CONFIG tile -> LED app. Application will redirect to LED window.
  • Select the event from dropdown menu for which LED settings need to be changed. Change “Colour”, “Count”, "Duration” and “Interval” details as required and click Apply. Upon completion of the progress bar, the application will save the settings and show a confirmation message.


1. Who can configure the LED settings on the device?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the CONFIG tile can configure LED notification settings on the device from IXM WEB.

2. Can I give multiple LED colours to a single event?

Yes, IXM WEB allows users to set up to three different colours for a single event. User can select the first colour from the first dropdown menu for “Colour”, the second colour from the second dropdown menu for “Colour” and the third colour from the third dropdown menu for “Colour”. User also needs to provide the “Duration” for each colour selection.

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