How to Import/Export Users

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“Export” and “Import” features will allow users to take back up from the database and restore the same. Users will be exported to a “.csv” format file; the templates of which are encrypted due to security reasons.

Click HOME tile >> users app, application will redirect to User List Window

Export Users

1.Click CONFIG tile >> Export app to get the user database and progress bar window will be displayed.

2.Upon completion, save exported users into “.csv” file and click OK.

Import Users

1. Exported users can be uploaded into IXM WEB using the Import feature. Click Import to do the same.

2. Click eitherOverwrite  (this will overwrite the user list on the IXM WEB database if it already exists and all old information will be lost) or Skip Overwrite (This will skip the user list already on the IXM WEB database and existing information will not be lost) as per requirement.

3. Once the selection is done it will redirect to the Select Import File window.

4. Select the file which was previously exported from the IXM WEB database and click Open. Progress bar will be displayed.

5. Upon completion, logs will be displayed based on the selection done in “Step 2”:

a. If the selection was “Overwrite” then below logs will be displayed.

b. If the selection was “Skip Overwrite” and if users already exist on the IXM WEB database, then the log will show failed status.


1.Who can use the Import and Export feature?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the USERS tile can use the Import/Export feature.

2. Does the Export functionality export users’ data with their biometric record?

Yes, Export functionality exports users’ information including biometric data available on IXM WEB Database.

3. Does Export functionality export users’ data with their photos?

No, Export functionality does not export users’ data with their photos.

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