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Device reboot functionality is used to reboot registered device(s) from IXM WEB. User can reboot a device from the Devices list window by clicking Reboot or pressing the reset button located at the bottom of device near the USB portion.

Reboot Device from IXM WEB

  • Click DEVICES tile -> Devices app. Application will redirect to devices list window.
  • Select device which requires rebooting and click Reboot.
  • Application will display device reboot confirmation window. Click Reboot. This will start the reboot of the selected device.


1. Who can perform Device reboot?

All the IXM WEB users who have access to the Devices Tile can perform the Device reboot.

2. Currently my device is offline. Is it possible to reboot the device from IXM WEB?

No, Device should be online in IXM WEB to use the reboot functionality.

3. I am not using IXM WEB. Is there any other method to reboot the device?

There are two other ways to reboot the device without registering it in IXM WEB:

  • Power “OFF” the device and power “ON” after 5 – 10 Sec. This will reboot the device. This will also reset the clock on the device to the factory setting.
  • User can reboot the device using the reboot/reset button which is located at the bottom of device near the USB port. User needs to perform the following steps to reboot device using the reboot/reset button:
    1. Locate the bottom of the device where the USB is located.
    2. From bottom of the device unscrew the jack panel using the Hex Key, which is provided along with the Device Installation Kit.
    3. Here user will see a button adjacent to the USB port.
    4. Press that button for 2-3 sec. This will reboot the device. User will also hear a Buzzer when the device reboot starts. (This will not work if the user has changed Buzzer settings to “None” for the reboot event).

Note: – Kindly note that if the user presses reboot/reset button for more than 2-3 sec then user’s device config settings will also be reset to factory default but it will not affect the existing users of the device.

4. Does my device IP address change after rebooting the device?

It depends on whether the IP mode of the device is set to DHCP or Static. In case of Static IP, after reboot, the device IP will not change but in case of DHCP after reboot of the device if the DHCP server provides a new IP to the device then the IP of the device will change.

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