Setting Up Push Notifications in IXM WEB

Applies to

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Administrators can configure the Push Notifications feature to get notified for events like authentication, anti-shock alarms, door alarms, etc., which would be displayed in real time.

Activate Push Notifications

1. From Home screen go to CONFIG tile >> Communication app. Application will redirect to the Communication window with “Push Notification” at the bottom.

2. Toggle ONPush Notification and enter the IP address in the URL field instead of localhost.

3. Click Apply to activate Push Notification.

4. Upon completion of the process, a confirmation message window will be displayed.

Monitor Real-Time Push Notification

1. Click TOOLS tile >> Push Notifications app. It will redirect to the Push Notifications window.

2. Select the device in the “Device(s) to monitor” section for which real-time notifications need to be monitored.

3. Select the list of events which need to monitored in the “Event(s) to monitor” section.

4. Real-Time notifications will be displayed under Events.

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