Understanding Anti-Shock feature in IXM WEB

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INVIXIUM products are IP65 rated and are mounted at the front door. As these devices are mounted outside, they have been made tamper proof. Hence if someone tries to steal the device, it will sound an alarm and start beeping.

The anti-shock feature consists of the following events:

  • Identification of anti-shock
  • Take an Action when anti-shock detected.

Anti-shock is triggered by shock/vibration or when the device is removed from the mounting. IXM devices have an accelerometer and/or reed switch to detect anti-shock. The administrator can enable or disable anti-shock detection and can also configure the actions which will take place when anti-shock occurs.

Following events can be configured with the Anti-Shock feature:

  • Erase users from the device (configurable Enable/Disable)
    This action will remove all the enrolled users from the device. It is very important to delete all the users because their biometrics are stored on the device.
  • Deactivate Biometric (configurable Enable/Disable)
    This action will disable the biometric identification, so no one will be identified on the device.
  • Send Wiegand string (configurable Enable/Disable)
    When anti-shock occurs, device will send the Wiegand to the panel to inform the panel that the device has been tampered.
  • Audio Alert (configurable Enable/Disable)
    When anti-shock occurs, the device will play the audio, hence admin can distinguish different events.
  • LED Alert (configurable Enable/Disable)
    When anti-shock occurs, device will flash the LEDs, so admin can distinguish different events.

Once the device goes into anti-shock, the administrator can clear the anti-shock alarm from IXM WEB or SDK. The administrator can store, retrieve and reset anti-shock configurations from IXM WEB or SDK.

Configure Anti-Shock

  • Click CONFIG tile -> Anti-Shock app that will redirect to the Anti Shock window.
  • Toggle ON Anti-Shock setting at the top right corner of the window. Toggle remaining options as per requirement and click Apply.
  • Upon the completion of the process, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Configure Anti-Shock from Device LCD

  • Swipe to the Anti-Shock app. Tap on the Anti-Shock icon. The device will prompt for device security authentication prior to opening the app.
  • Tap and toggle Status to ON to enable settings.
  • Tap the Save icon on the top right to store the required settings 
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