Understanding Audio feature in IXM WEB

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IIXM devices support the Audio feature. All IXM devices except the MYCRO, have a built in speaker. Audio feature is used for alerts and notification purposes. If the device is in an alarm state, then the audio file will be played. Hence the admin will be notified about the events on the device. Audio also guides the administrator and users during the authentication.

The following table describes audio events in IXM Devices:

EventEvent Description
IdleDevice will be in idle state.
System UpDevice will be in booting process
Place FingerPlace finger
Remove CredentialRemove finger
Access GrantedAccess granted
Access DeniedAccess denied
ProcessProcessing state (Firmware upgrade)
ErrorError State (Sensor error)
Fire AlarmFire alarm will receive (1st priority)
Anti-Shock AlarmAnti-shock received event (2nd priority)
Door Forced OpenDoor Force open will receive (3rd priority)
Door Open Too LongDoor long open will receive (4th priority)
Door Open TimeDoor open schedule activated (5th priority)
Clear AlarmClear any alarm
Show CardShow card
Presence DetectionProximity detection
WaitWait state (multi user mode)
User Not FoundUser record not found means not present in device database
VoIP Outgoing CallVoIP Outgoing Call
VoIP Incoming CallVoIP Incoming Call
VoIP Call WaitingVoIP Call Waiting
Battery AlertDevice on battery alert

IXM WEB supports upload, delete and overwrite functionalities for supported audio files. Audio settings include features like Text to speech, play Audio file and generate audio notification for some predefined device events.

Configure Audio on Device

  • Click CONFIG tile >> Audio app that will redirect to the Audio window.
  • Select “Sound” and set “Volume” for respective events. Click Apply to apply audio sounds to device. Upon the completion of the process, application will display the below message:

Upload New Audio on IXM WEB

  • Click Manage Audio to upload new audio files to the system, the application will be redirected to the Manage Audio window.
  • Click Upload to upload new audio files onto the system. Upon successful upload of audio, application will show the following message.
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