Understanding Fire Alarm Feature Using IXM WEB

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Fire Alarm is an emergency event occurring when the smoke or fire detector detects a fire condition. In case of such an event, the Fire Alarm feature will provide an input to the IXM Device to take the required action. IXM WEB allows the users to activate or deactivate the Fire Alarm setting on Device.

Hard Wire Connections

The Fire Alarm connections are highlighted below and can be located from the Top Connector of the Wiring Harness of the IXM device.

INVIXIUM recommends the use of all the ground wires.

Configure Fire Alarm

  • Click CONFIG tile -> Door Access Control app. Application will redirect to Door Access Control window with the “Fire Alarm” feature at the bottom.
  • Toggle the status of Fire Alarm to ACTIVE and click Apply.
  • Upon activation the application will show a confirmation message.
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