Understanding Multi-User Verification Settings

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This specification will enable end users to run the device in “Two-Man Rule” mode which is a control mechanism designed to achieve high level of security, especially for critical materials or operations. Presence of two authorized persons is required at all times for all access and actions.

IXM Devices support maximum three authorizations to gain access, along with the following types of Multi-User Verification:

  • 1. Any: – Any user enrolled on the device can verify.
  • 2. Group: – Only Users enrolled on a particular group can verify.
  • 3. User: – Specific users can verify.

Configure Multi-User Verification

1. Click CONFIG tile >> Biometric app which will redirect to the Biometric window along with “Multi-User Verification” section at the bottom.

2. Toggle ON Multi-User Verification setting and enter the “Wait Time”, which indicates how much time the user will get between multiple-user verification modes.

3. From the three options displayed “Any”, “User Group” and “User”, choose any one.

4. Upon selecting “User Group”, list of default group names available on IXM WEB will be displayed.

5. Upon selection, enter a valid user ID which will display the user first and last names when adding second “Multi-User Verification”.

6. Follow the same steps for second user verification and make the required changes.

7. For a third user in Multi-User Verification, by default the option will be “None”. Select options like for the first two Multi-User Verification modes. This selection box will remain disabled until user selects any other option than “None”.

8. Upon process completion, click Apply and the settings will be saved to the IXM Device and a confirmation message will be displayed.


1. Who can set Multi-User Verification Settings on IXM Devices from IXM WEB?

All IXM WEB users with access to the CONFIG tile can make these settings.

2. Can both users use the same user ID for Multi-User Verification?

No, if the user enters the same user ID, IXM WEB will consider it as a duplicate and a “Duplicate User ID” message will be displayed.

3. What happens if the first and second verifications are done by the same user?

If the same user tries to verify both (first and second) times, then IXM device will consider it as a “Duplicate User” irrespective of the settings applied for Multi-User Verification.

4. What is the minimum and maximum limit of Wait Time?

The minimum limit is 3 seconds and the maximum is 60 seconds.

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