Understanding of Auto Discover feature using IXM WEB

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Auto Discover functionality is used to find all the devices which are currently online in the network, either via Ethernet or via Wi-Fi with SSL enabled or disabled.

Auto Discover Device

  • Click DEVICES tile >> Register Device app. Application will redirect to Device Discovery window.
  • Activate “Auto Discover” and click Search. Application will display progress bar.
  • After 100% completion of the progress bar, the application shows the already registered devices with a “registered” status and the unregistered devices with an option to “Register”. If SSL is enabled on the device, then the device must show “Secure Ethernet” in Comm Mode.


1. Who can search device in IXM WEB?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the DEVICE tile can search for devices in IXM WEB.

2. Does Auto Discovery find SSL device(s)?

Yes, Auto Discovery functionality finds all the devices which are in the same network, including SSL device(s).

3. I have two devices in the network and both are on different ports. Does Auto Discovery find those devices?

Yes, Auto Discovery does not depend on the device port number and it will find all the devices from the network.

4. I have IXM WEB and IXM devices that are on different networks. Does Auto Discovery find those devices?

No, Auto Discovery functionality searches only those device(s) which are from the same network.

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