Understanding PassThru Wiegand Format

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IXM WEB allows users to create a PassThru Wiegand Format. A PassThru Wiegand format is a customized format when compared to the 26-bit standard format. This Wiegand format string does not contain any parity bits or Facility code bits. The format string of this Wiegand type will only contain ID code. An admin can change the total number of bits in the string and the total number of ID code bits within the string. Maximum length of PassThru Wiegand format is 512 bits.

Create PassThru Wiegand

  • Click CONFIG tile -> Wiegand app to get settings for Wiegand window.
  • Click Manage Wiegand on the bottom left corner of the window. Application will be redirected to the Wiegand page.
  • Under manage, click Create and choose the “Passthru” option from the dropdown menu.
  • It will open PassThru Wiegand Format page.
  • Provide details of “Wiegand Name”, “Total Bits” and “ID Bits”.
  • Select position of ID bits to create ID Bit mask and click Save.
  • Click Save to create a new PassThru Wiegand format.
  • Click OK and the application will redirect to list of Wiegand pages.
  • Select the Wiegand which was recently created, go to “Upload” and click “Selected”.
  • Application will display a list of device(s). Select the device and click OK.
  • Application Log window will appear, which displays the status – Success/Fail.


1. Who can create PassThru Wiegand in IXM WEB?

All IXM WEB users who have access to CONFIG tile can create PassThru Wiegand in IXM WEB.

2. What is the maximum length of PassThru Wiegand?

Users can create a maximum of 512 bits PassThru Wiegand.

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