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Time and Attendance feature can be configured to know when employees enter and leave the work premises. IXM devices support three modes to configure Time and Attendance:

1. Manual: When manual mode is selected, user needs to press desired function key (Fkey) for T&A Entry. If FKey is pressed, then device will do T&A authentication, otherwise the device will ignore T&A authentication and it will only perform normal authentication. Selected FKey will be logged into transaction log in the case of T&A authentication.

2. Manual Fixed: In this mode, the first user needs to select any FKey (i.e. Check In, Check out, Break In and Break Out etc.). The next user does not need to press FKey for T&A Entry. If the next user selects another FKey, then FKey changes to newly selected one. Activated FKey will be logged in transaction logs after authentication.

3. Fixed by Device: In this mode, there is no need to press the any FKey for T&A operations. FKey will be logged based on given schedule time for that FKey. For each FKey, you can set different time schedules. FKey (i.e. Check In, Check Out, Break In and Break Out etc.) will be activated by the schedule time. In Fixed by Device mode, user can still use Manual mode functionality. User can overwrite scheduled FKey by manually pressing the FKey.

Configuring Time And Attendance in IXM WEB

1. Click CONFIG tile >> Time And Attendance app to view default settings.

2. Toggle “Time And Attendance” to ON to turn on settings.

3. Select “Mode Type” out of the 3 options.

4. Mode Type:

  1. Manual or Manual Fixed:
    1. The figure below shows T&A settings, which includes T&A Mode as “Manual Mode” and “Default FKeys” (F1-F4) with their Function Name and image. In “Manual Fixed” Mode Type, T&A settings will include T&A Mode as “Manual Fixed Mode”, “Default FKeys (F1-F4)” with their Function Name, image and Job Codes, to create “Job Code ID”.
    2. To activate “STRICT FKey Mode” toggle “Fkey Mode” to STRICT.
    3. Enable “FKeys” by inserting text to “Add Text”
    4. Enable the “Job code” by clicking on the gray circle with Job Code text.
    5. Upload image by clicking on “FKey” as per requirement.
    6. Clicking on “FKey”, will display the following window.
    7. Select an image from the given list or upload a new one by clicking upload To use an image, double click on selected image.
    8. Click Create to create a Job Code.
    9. The “Job Code” window will be displayed. Type “Job Code ID” and “Name”. Click Save to save Job Code to IXM WEB.
    10. Click Apply to save Job Codes and other settings on device.
    11. Confirmation message of Time & Attendance settings saved will be displayed.
    12. To delete Job Code, select Job Code and click Delete.
    13. Click Applyto delete Job Code from IXM WEB.
    14. To restore the T&A settings back to default, click Reset. Reconfirm the action by clicking Reset in the pop-up dialog. If “Cancel” option is selected, then no action will be taken.
    15. The “Time & Attendance settings restored” message will be displayed. Click OK.
  2. Fixed By Device:
    1. TThe figures below shows a T&A setting which includes T&A with “Fixed By Device” Mode Type and “Default FKeys” (F1-F4) with their Function Name, image and Job Code, and create “Job Code ID” with “Schedule” FKeys.
    2. Follow all the above steps as mentioned in “Manual or Manual Fixed” Mode type. There are additional steps which are described below for “Fixed By Device” Mode Type.
    3. Click Create to schedule FKey for “Fixed By Device” Mode Type.
    4. Time And Attendance “Schedule” window will be displayed.
    5. Select “Function Key”, and schedule “Duration” range. Default range is from 00:00 to 23:59 hours is selected. Click Clear to clear the duration range and apply time duration as required.
    6. Click Save to save the specified Function Key schedule. You will be redirected to T&A settings.
    7. Click Apply. T&A settings will be saved on the device and in IXM WEB Database.
  3. Intelligent F-Keys:

    This feature is used to get Intelligent Function Keys during the time of user authentication to prevent double clocking or illogical clocking at a network level. To prevent this, we have introduced the Intelligent Function Key Module which gets the valid combination of F-Keys based on the last successful F-Key entry from transaction logs on the IXM Web database during user authentication time.

    1. Toggle “Intelligent F-Keys” to ON to turn on settings. If push notification is turned off IXM WEB will display warning message to turn on settings.
    2. Click OK which will redirect IXM WEB to push notification page for required settings.
    3. Toggle “Push Notification” to ON to turn on settings. Provide the valid push notification URL and click Apply to save the settings.
    4. Again click CONFIG tile >> Time And Attendance app. Toggle “Intelligent F-Keys” to ON to turn on settings.
      • Check Out::Reset time (In Hours, max 24) which is considered as duration for resetting check in / check out Fkeys.
      • Break Out::Reset time (In Hours, max 24) which is considered as duration for resetting break in / break out Fkeys. Break Out hours 0 means no limit on break time. Break Out hours should be less than Check Out hours
    5. click Apply. Intelligent F-Keys settings will be saved along with T&A settings on the device.


1. Who can configure Time & Attendance in IXM WEB?

All IXM WEB users who have access to the CONFIG tile can configure Time & Attendance in IXM WEB.

2. Can users schedule the same Fkey multiple times?

The same Fkey can be used multiple times with different time duration.

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