Understanding Translate Licensing

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Translate feature is a license based module to translate IXM WEB and device language from English to a localized language. To use the translate feature, the end user is required to enter a valid license key. End users have to send a license key request to the Invixium Technical Support team. Upon receiving the license key, end user can translate resources of IXM WEB and IXM Devices.

Requesting Translate License

  • IXM Translate module comes with the following license types:
    • Trial: 1 Month
    • Perpetual: Number of Years (1 Year & 3 Years)
  • NOTE: A trial license key will be provided only once per system by the Invixium Technical Support team and will be valid for 1 month.
  • From Home screen go to LICENSE tile >> Translate app.
  • Select the type of Translate license required and click Requestto see details to be sent to Invixium support in order to request license.
  • Details screen will vary based on whether SMTP settings are configured in IXM WEB:
    • If SMTP settings are not configured, a “Copy to Clipboard” button will appear.
    • Click it to copy request details shown on the clipboard. Paste the copied details in an email to support@invixium.com to start licensing process.
    • b. When SMTP settings configured, a “Send” button will appear.
    • Click it to email details displayed to Invixium support to start licensing process.
  • Once you receive the license key from Invixium, go back to the same page from which you requested the license and input license key in the Key field as shown below.
  • Click Activate to apply license.
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