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Firmware upgrade is a very important and critical feature for embedded products. There are two ways to upgrade the firmware of IXM Devices.

  • From IXM WEB
  • From IXM Device through USB.

Note: Always upgrade the IXM WEB version to the latest version before upgrading the firmware of the devices to ensure smooth operation.

Upgrading Firmware using IXM WEB

  • Click TOOLS tile >> Firmware Upgrade app to display default settings.
  • Click “Select Firmware” to select firmware package file. Upon selection, Firmware Upgrade message will pop up.
  • Click Continue to display device selection view. Select devices on which you want to upgrade the firmware package and then click OK. 
  • The firmware upgrade process will begin. The “Status” column will display progress icon and “Message” column will display “In Progress..”.
  • Once the firmware upgrade process is complete, the status column will show the “Status” as Online/Offline whereas the message column will display “Firmware Upgraded” if successful. Otherwise it will display an error message.
  • If the process is not successful, please ensure that the device is online and try again.

Upgrading Firmware using USB Drive

Rename the firmware file to ixm_fwu.bin and place that file on a USB stick. Store the file in the parent USB folder, do not place this file inside another folder.


Whenever a USB drive is plugged into the device, firmware package gets automatically detected which starts the upgrade process.


  • Whenever a USB drive is plugged into the device, a “USB Drive detected” message appears on the LCD Note: – TOUCH 2 screenshots have been provided for illustrative purposes. For TITAN & MERGE, please follow the same procedure as TOUCH 2 on the LCD.
  • Tap on USB Drive detected and enter valid credentials to open “USB Options”. Tap on Firmware Upgrade to upgrade the firmware version on the device.
  • Before the upgrade process starts, a confirmation message will be displayed. 
  • Tapping on Upgrade will display progress bar on the screen with an “Upgrading firmware” message.
  • At the end of the process, the device will restart to apply the changes of the firmware package. A “Restarting” message will be displayed on the LCD.
  • If the device is not in the responsive state, then please ensure that the device is online and try again.

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