Upgrading the IXM WEB Application

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IXM WEB application upgrade is a very important and critical procedure. Every new IXM WEB upgrade has/may have bug fixes, new security features and new options. To get the best out of the Invixium devices, we recommend you upgrade to newer versions of IXM WEB at the earliest.


User is advised to take backup of the IXM WEB database before proceeding with the upgrade process.

Steps to perform the upgrade process of IXM WEB

  • Check the current version of IXM WEB present on the system.
  • Click on the IXM WEB User drop down menu on the top right corner, and click About IXM WEB.
  • Run the IXM WEB Setup file, with the newer version, based on the user’s requirements.
  • The installation options will appear on the screen.
  • Click INSTALL to initiate the upgrade process.
  • Click Yes to acknowledge the end-user agreement.
  • The upgrade process will start, and the user will see the following screen:
  • Once the upgrade is completed click EXIT.
  • Double click to run IXM WEB from the desktop, to open the database configuration page.
  • Select the existing database which was used during the previous IXM WEB version and click Next to upgrade the existing one. Click OK to continue.
  • Enter valid credentials for “INVIXIUM ID” and “Password” to access the database. Use the same credentials which were used to access the previous database. In case of wrong credentials, an “Authentication Failed” message will be displayed. Note: After IXM WEB version, the email address field is required along with INVIXIUM ID and password.
  • The Sign In page will appear after the confirmation message of “Database updated” is displayed.
  • Enter valid credentials to login to IXM WEB.
  • Click on the IXM WEB user drop down menu on the top right corner, and click About IXM WEB to check the version.
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