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Why Invixium Solutions?

Invixium leverages the latest technologies to provide businesses – large and small – with cutting-edge solutions for security, productivity, and wellness at worksites. Our solutions are uniquely designed to maximize the potential of your entrances and empower you with all the information you need to effectively manage your business.


Relevant features define Invixium solutions. From groundbreaking face recognition while wearing a mask to dynamic QR codes and mobile credentials that reduce plastic waste, Invixium is constantly evolving to push the boundaries of access control. And, every Invixium solution is rounded out by elegant design and playful user experience that set it apart from competitors.


Invixium solutions make complex security simple by removing the need for keys, passwords, and more. Thanks to touchless automation and user-friendly mobile access control and wellness screening, your personnel can focus on getting to work without following complex workflows.


Biometrics are highly secure by nature. Invixium solutions offer highly secure features like multi-biometric and multi-factor authentication, industry-standard encryption, and more to keep people and their data safe. Biometric templates created by the Invixium algorithm are encrypted to ensure that no template can be copied or stolen.


Modern businesses demand protection for personnel wellness as much as their safety. Invixium answers this need with signature features like temperature and no-mask detection packaged in one complete, touchless solution to protect your staff and visitors.


At Invixium, design is our DNA. Feel how exquisite our engineering is through high-end materials, incredibly fast throughputs and exquisite user experiences crafted by our expert engineers. Our portfolio has something for everyone.

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INVIXIUM frontpage issue 2021

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Catch up with Invixium in our year-end edition of FrontPage! Read our CEO's vision for 2021 and the future of access control, which features touchless security and digital solutions. And, watch our latest video case study to see how IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit and IXM Time can transform a manufacturing plant's time tracking with modern, healthy solutions to keep essential employees safe.

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Bill Markel

“Sexy looking products! One of the projects is a refinery deployment in some of the harshest possible environments, along with massive customizations to fit the exact needs of my customer. It wasn’t easy but the guys at Invixium were relentless and were picking up the phone at weird hours to provide support. What more could you ask for?”

Ehab Youssef

“We at Hurb Trade have been in the security business since 1992 and we have installed many different brands of biometric products for various high profile clients including large enterprises like National Bank of Egypt and El Masgraq Bank in Cairo. In our experience, Invixium products are beautiful and rock solid! Since getting reacquainted with Shiraz at Intersec Dubai 2016, we have worked together on several projects in Egypt and I am extremely impressed with their biometric knowledge, can do attitude and spiritual passion. Their technical support, customization services and problem solving abilities are world-class. We at Hurb Trade are proud to be working with an exceptional biometric company like Invixium..”

Dave Barnard

“Invixium is emerging as one of the top brands in the biometric industry with their fast paced product development and their strong attention to simplicity and customer experience. Their product design is outstanding, especially the TITAN which has become a brand in itself. TITAN is our highest selling Invixium product due to the quality, performance and design that it has come to be known for. RS2 Technologies has been distributing Invixium products for more than 2 years now and we have been delivering 30% growth each year. The integration between Invixium solutions and RS2’s access control software is one of the most seamless integrations in the market. Our partnership with Invixium reinforces our vision of partnering up with the best in class brands and making it available to our customers.”

Joe Ferreira

“Since we partnered in 2019, Invixium has been an incredible addition to Pyro-Tech’s portfolio. Their devices have so many applications, and the team at Invixium works tirelessly to adapt to our customers’ customization needs. With the new Enhancement Kit for TITAN, Invixium has proven that they can innovate at lightning-speed to respond to the environment, and I have no doubt that this upgrade will improve many of our customers’ businesses. I am very proud that our partnership means we can offer products with the best quality, design, technology, and customer service in the industry.”

Richard Brooke Smith

“As a system installer, our experience with Invixium has been top-notch. In response to the ongoing pandemic, our mining clients have been eager to enhance their access control systems with touchless authentication and temperature screening to protect workers from infection. IXM TITAN is the only biometric system available that meets all of the criteria we have to bring a solution to our customers: high speed, accuracy and ruggedness. Invixium approaches large workforces and challenging environments with excellent customer service and a problem-solving attitude. Their team regularly works very closely with ours to install automated solutions that deliver exceptional, fast touchless authentication and temperature screening while being durable enough to withstand mines’ unique settings. Investing in TITAN is a key component of many of our customers’ COVID-19 response strategy, and no other solution compares to how well TITAN with Enhancement Kit fits this need.”


“At Gallagher, we place high importance on offering our customers high-security solutions that meet their ever-changing needs. This drive has put us at the forefront of security providers and led us to integrate with Invixium, whose rapid, touchless face recognition and temperature screening (while wearing a protective mask) solution adds highly sought-after features to our portfolio. We are excited about the additional value this integration contributes to creating a safe and assured future for our customers globally.”

lenels2 logo

“The collaboration with Invixium provides our users with a versatile access control and proactive screening solution that can help them navigate today’s complex safety and security requirements. The advanced biometrics and built-in mask detection add new functionality to our Healthy Buildings portfolio.”


“This agreement allows us to expand our frictionless access offerings to provide our enterprise customers with choices as we work with them to customize their integrated security systems solutions and support their reopening strategies. Invixium’s touchless biometric solutions align with Healthy Buildings solutions to help our customers create safer and healthier environments.”

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