Biometric Security for Healthcare

Touchless Access Control and Workforce Management Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare providers and their office staff prioritize their and their patients’ health at every step of their visit. Knowing this, a health-oriented solution for workforce and visitor management must be quick, easy to use, and provide reports for audit trails, time tracking and payroll calculation. Invixium’s biometric solutions offer a rapid, touchless and elegant system to suit each of your office’s needs.

Industry Needs

  • Health-conscious functionality
  • High-speed authentication
  • Audit trails and time tracking
  • Health monitoring features
  • Compatible with HR and patient management software
Our Solution

Biometric Solutions Improve Health, Safety, and Productivity for Healthcare

  • Temperature-Based Touchless Authentication
  • Quick Authentication Workflows
  • Time Tracking Features
  • Health Management Software
  • Integration with HRMS and PMS

Reducing the number of surfaces touched during checking in, clocking in or temperature screening is an asset for clinics that need to minimize illness transmission. Invixium’s IXM TITAN and IXM TOUCH 2 both support fully touchless face recognition for your staff to clock in, and the IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit adds automated temperature screening to IXM TITAN to evaluate the health of your staff and patients.

Whether you’re planning to use IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit for visitor screening, workforce management, or both, this solution’s throughput for simultaneous face recognition and temperature screening is 12-15 users per minute. In just seconds, your staff and patients can check in and have their temperature measured to ensure your practice stays healthy.

Manage shifts, leave, time and payroll through IXM Time, an add-on feature for IXM WEB, Invixium’s software solution. Quickly access IXM Time-generated audit reports of employee time to ensure payroll accuracy and track your staff’s attendance. The included employee self-service portal gives your staff agency over their own time tracking and leave requests.

IXM WEB’s licensed feature, IXM Health, tracks temperature data from the IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit over time to report on trends, as well as notify you when someone approaches the device with an elevated body temperature. Safeguard your clinic’s health and safety with this comprehensive health tracking feature.

IXM WEB integrates with leading HR and patient management software to meet your clinic’s needs. This solution communicates data from Invixium devices to whichever platform your facility currently uses via Wiegand, OSDP, or Web API.


Case Study

Toronto Dental Clinic Chooses Invixium for Touchless Visitor Screening with Temperature Checks

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Invixium Install at a Dental Clinic in Toronto, Canada

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