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Healthy Access Control Solution

Healthy Workforce Management with Advanced Touchless Biometric Technology

Healthy access is the future of access control for buildings worldwide. Pandemics have become more frequent over the last thousand years as our global society has advanced toward modernization and globalization – neither of which will slow down. So, to protect staff, visitors and the community, businesses now have a responsibility to add health-conscious solutions to their security plans. Invixium has led the industry in its response, and its healthy access solution is designed to keep those who matter most safe.

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Invixium Healthy Access

Healthy access is now a critical part of building security. To protect the health of everyone who interacts with your business, leadership must devise ways to ensure no one entering your building is experiencing symptoms of illness. And, if someone does happen to come to work while sick, next steps for protecting everyone else need to be quickly, clearly communicated to limit the spread of pathogens. See how healthy access by Invixium benefits these businesses:

Office Buildings

A building manager needs a long-term solution to adapt to employee demands for workplace wellness. Her department spends a lot of money every month to pay someone to staff a temperature gun and log every employee’s temperature as they come to work – not to mention that this slows down everyone’s day. She researches and chooses IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit and IXM Mobile’s attestation questions to confirm that employees are following health and/or safety guidelines while cutting down on staffing costs and improving convenience with the combination of convenient digital screening questions and on-site rapid temperature screening.


An HR manager for a large warehouse needs to ensure none of his staff is coming to work sick. He also needs a solution that tracks time so temperature screening doesn’t add another step to shift changes. When he discovers IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit and IXM Health, he’s sold. He loves that this biometric solution can perform face recognition for time tracking and temperature screening on site, without requiring his staff to remove their masks to clock in and out. And, by designing a custom digital attestation questionnaire, he can seamlessly ensure that every staff member is not showing signs of illness and is following safety guidelines – like wearing protective gear on the warehouse floor.


A security director at a mine wants to screen staff and visitor temperatures in a way that prevents them from opening the mine’s access door if they have a fever. He selects IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit and digital attestation from IXM Mobile for the solution’s wellness-based access rules to keep doors locked if someone has a high temperature, is not wearing a mask, or has answered attestation questions incorrectly. IXM Mobile’s remote digital attestation improves convenience for his staff: by answering attestation at home and showing a QR code upon arrival, clock-ins are not slowed down. He uses IXM Health, Invixium’s health software, to customize alerts that appear on TITAN’s LCD to tell individuals to put on a mask or report for secondary screening if necessary.

Calculate Your Healthy Access ROI

The ROI of healthy access is clear: sick employees cannot be productive, and one sick employee can lead to an entire shift being quarantined or a business being closed temporarily. Invixium healthy access can also offer these benefits:


Ensure staff and visitors are healthy to the best of your ability by screening for one of the most common symptoms of illness – a fever


Greatly reduce or eliminate the need to quarantine shifts or your whole business by preventing ill employees from accessing your healthy building


Reduce the amount of time temperatures take to read by investing in an automated solution like IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit instead of a temperature gun and pen-and-paper log


Automated solutions reduce the payroll cost of man hours used to screen staff and visitor temperatures, maintain a log and perform contact tracing


This high-tech solution screens temperatures at the tear duct – the most accurate skin surface location to estimate core body temperature, so you can feel confident that this solution will not measure a fever when there isn’t one, or – worse – miss a fever when someone is actually sick


Businesses have a responsibility to the communities they operate in, so preventing sick staff and visitors from entering or informing them of their symptoms so they can notify others is doing your due diligence to protect people outside your business

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