Fingerprint Biometric Tracking Device XM MERGE 2
Slim. Effective. Bold.

The Elegant Fingerprint Access Control & Time Tracking Device

MERGE 2 is a marvel of design and engineering built to satisfy the high aesthetic demands of high-tech industries and enterprises. A perfect blend of affordability, future-proofed features and elegant design, MERGE 2 sports outstanding technology including a 2.0” IPS LCD screen, an FBI-Certified SecuGen fingerprint sensor and a hybrid of flex and rigid PCBA for a stunningly svelte design. With MERGE 2, you don’t have to compromise on cost, design or technology – this solution truly has it all.

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Make A Statement With Your Security Solution

SecuGen Optical Fingerprint IXM MERGE 2

SecuGen Optical Fingerprint Sensor: FBI-Certified For Excellent Security

The SecuGen Optical Fingerprint Sensor is FBI-certified for its accuracy and scratch-resistance, making it an excellent choice for indoor environments with high traffic and predictable environmental conditions. Installed in offices, data centers and residential buildings, this fingerprint sensor is flexible enough to meet your needs. Using optical scanning to read fingerprints in less than a second, authentication with MERGE 2 is fast and simple.

Multifactor-Authentication IXM MERGE 2
biometric or credential

Multifactor Authentication With PIN + Card Safeguards Businesses

MERGE 2 goes above and beyond just being a fingerprint reader. With options for PINs and a variety of cards, this solution can safeguard high-security locations by requiring up to three factors of authentication: fingerprint + card + PIN. MERGE 2 supports a variety of cards, including DESFire and MiFare, as well as multiple cards per user, to offer flexibility for any application. And, MERGE 2’s 2.0” IPS LCD screen offers a clean, elegant experience to PIN users.

Envision MERGE 2 At Your Business

Fingeprint Access Control Boosts Security

Biometrics are the ID that’s always with you, and can never be borrowed, lost or stolen by individuals looking to access places they should not be able to. Authentication with MERGE 2’s FBI-certified SecuGen optical fingerprint sensor is a breeze thanks to its ability to verify identity in under a second. And, by combining fingerprint authentication with card and/or PIN, you can further secure your most high-security areas for enhanced peace of mind.

merge 2 biometric time tracking

Biometric Time Tracking Increases Payroll Accuracy

Biometrics can also greatly improve the accuracy of time tracking and payroll because they are so secure. Using staff fingerprints for authentication lowers the risk of accidental or unintentional time theft from shared cards or missed punches, and also gives managers peace of mind that records of each employee’s time-in and time-out are accurate for air-tight payroll calculations. And, with its lightning-fast processing speed, MERGE 2 can help eliminate bottlenecks during large shift changes, so your staff can get to work faster.

Ideal Applications

2.0”-IPS-LCD-display MERGE 2

2.0” IPS LCD Offers An Excellent User Experience

Built with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, MERGE 2’s 2.0” IPS LCD screen is made of the same glass that receives praise from top brands in the consumer electronics industry. This display ensures accessibility and an excellent user experience for PIN users, function key inputs, enrollment from the device and more. The in-plane switching (IPS) technology provides a wider viewing angle and stunning colors – even in bright light.

Ethernet Cable

One-Cable PoE+ Power And Communication Simplify Installation

One cable (CAT5/6) for power and communication makes installation quick and simple, lowers installation costs and reduces maintenance requirements.

PIN And Card Features IXM MERGE 2

PIN And Card Features Allow Optional Non-Biometric Authentication

MERGE 2 supports PINs and multiple card formats including prox, DESFire and MiFare, as well as multiple cards per user. This adds further customization to how you use your device and aids in increasing security or transitioning from cards to biometrics over time.

Even More Great Features

Robust User Capacity Offers Application Flexibility

MERGE 2 supports a 1:N capacity of 10,000 users for fingerprint templates or a 1:1 capacity of 25,000.

High Quality Products Made In Canada

Invixium proudly uses the highest-quality materials at its Canada-based production facility to ensure our devices have the utmost in engineering and user experience.

Invixium Products Offer Unique Application Options Via Customization

To best serve all of our customers’ unique business needs, Invixium’s team of engineers offers a wide variety of customizations for biometric applications, software and hardware integrations, and more.

Integrations With Leading Access Control Software Offer Seamless Use

Via IXM Link, MERGE 2 integrates with industry-leading access control software including OnGuard by LenelS2, Honeywell Pro-Watch and more.

Communication Options Offer Versatile Security

MERGE 2 communicates via Ethernet, Wiegand or OSDP2 to offer customizable security and accessibility to adhere to a variety of IT policies and capabilities.

Biometric Template And Communication Channel Encryption Ensures Individual Privacy

MERGE 2’s biometric templates are encrypted to stop credential theft. When a person shows their biometric to the device, a RAW image is scanned by the built-in sensor and converted to an ANSI-378 template, which is encrypted using state of the art AES before storage.

Tamper Protection Limits The Threat Of Hackers And Data Thieves

MERGE 2 includes a built-in anti-shock vandal protection (ASVP) system that sounds an alarm when an attempt is made to remove the device from its installed location as an added layer of security.

Customize Your Device’s LEDs For A Unique Experience

Using IXM WEB, MERGE 2’s free, web-based software companion, you can change LED colors and patterns to create a unique user experience for different device events.

Network Architecture

MERGE 2 Network Architecture


Invixium offers a web-based software program to accompany MERGE 2: IXM WEB. This software is an enterprise-grade, all-in-one solution for managing devices and users anywhere and anytime. Data-driven reports and visually appealing dashboards provide you with an at-a-glance summary of how your biometric system is performing, whenever you need it.

Software Dashnoard IXM MERGE 2

Tech Specs

MERGE 2 Features Description
Processor ARM Cortex A8 – 800 MHz
Graphics Engine POWERVR SGX530 3D
Random Access Memory 512MB DDR3L @ 303 MHz
Flash Memory – NAND 512MB
Operating System Android OS
Ethernet 100 BASE-T
PoE+ IEEE 802.3at
USB USB 2.0 On-The-Go (OTG)
# of SPO 1
Wiegand Customizable up to 512 bits
Door Access Controller 1A (1 – O/P, 2 – I/P, 1 – Relay)
Anti-Shock Vandal Protection Standard
LCD & Interface 2.0” IPS Cap Touch Screen
Audio Speaker (2 Watts)
LCD Protection Corning® Gorilla® Glass (Antimicrobial)
Fingerprint sensor FBI Certified SecuGen Optical Sensor
1:N Users (Records) – Fingerprint 10K Users (20K biometric records)
1:1 Users (Records) – Fingerprint 25K Users (50K biometric records)
RFID Card Options MiFARE, DESFire, iCLASS
# Transaction Logs 100K
Communication Options TCP/IP, RS485 (OSDP v2 Compliant), USB Aux
Power Supply 12V DC @ 1A, 24V DC @ 0.5A
Operating temperature 0 ˚C to +60 ˚C (32 ˚F to +140 ˚F)
Environmental Rating IP65, IK08
Relative Humidity 0%~80% RH, non- condensing
Support for Other Languages Yes (requires IXM Translate license)
Colors Black & Chrome
Dimensions 178 mm x 53 mm x 52 mm (L x W x D)
Regulatory Approvals and Certificates FCC, CE, RoHS, BIS
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