Create Applications Or Integrate IXM WEB With Third-Party Software

Recognizing the variety of market needs, Invixium has created comprehensive SDKs to provide developers the platform to create standalone or integrated applications in multiple languages, on any PC or embedded operating systems using IXM WEB server APIs or low-level device commands.

IXM SDKs offer a full spectrum of capabilities including image capture, user record management, configurations, data extraction and more. Our SDKs are fully documented and include sample applications with full source code complete with a plethora of APIs, drivers and low-level device commands.



IXM SDK is built for Microsoft.Net developers who wish to integrate their systems or solutions with Invixium products. This SDK includes 254 API’s and is based on the Microsoft.Net platform. The developer-friendly SDK provides superior flexibility and can be fully or partially integrated; can use all API’s or the 10 most common ones and can also be programmed to use a different platform to manage the devices instead of IXM WEB, based on your personal needs and convenience.

The package includes:

  • IXM SDK Reference Manual
  • C# Sample Code
  • DLL File
  • Demo Application with Playful GUI


IXM SDK 2 is intended for developers who are coding applications on Linux, MAC and Windows Operating Systems to integrate with IXM devices. In addition to IXM SDK, SDK 2 has 152 API’s and is platform independent, allowing it to run on 6 to 7 different Operating Systems.

The package includes:

  • MS Visual Studio Application exhibiting the sample features in a playful interface.
  • Sample code in C, C#, VC++, Delphi & Java.
  • Library files (.so for Linux/MAC, .dll and .lib for Windows).
  • Comprehensive Support Documentation
  • Device SDK Compilation Guide which describes the build process for Linux/MAC and Windows operating systems.
  • Compiled HTML Help file (.chm) which describes all Functions, Data structures, Enumerations and Error Codes along with sample code in C to provide examples of API usage.
  • Device Communication Protocol Manual which describes the serial command structure for communication to IXM devices.
Convert SDK

Convert SDK

This licensed module of IXM WEB is now also available as an SDK for organisations that wish to migrate from their existing biometric devices and make the re-enrollment process a walk in the park. Intended for Microsoft .Net developers who want to use the Convert feature.

Supported Formats:

  • Images: RAW, BMP, JPG, JPEG2K, WSQ
  • Templates: ANSI 378, ISO 19794-2

The package includes:

  • Convert SDK reference notes
  • DLL File
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