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Invixium is more than just a biometric manufacturer. We also provide our customers with professional services and valuable tools you can use to ensure the smooth installation and day-to-day use of your Invixium biometric system. No matter where, when or how you need us, Invixium's team of experts can provide a wide range of support services meant to ensure your new access control and workforce management solutions are working exactly how you want them to work.

What Are Professional Services

What are Professional Services?

Professional services are our way to help you get started right with Invixium biometric solutions. Whether you're switching from cards to biometrics, migrating from one biometric system to Invixium or installing your first high-level access control or time tracking solution, Invixium is here to help.

Professional services can benefit you if:

  • You have a large workforce and need the enrollment process to go quickly and smoothly
  • You have specific staff members on-site that need to become resident experts on your Invixium solution to support your users
See How Invixium Supports Our Customers

See How Invixium Supports Our Customers

Professional services offer our customers incredible value when installing a new Invixium solution. When our customers come to us for a variety of services, our Engineering and Technical Services teams work tirelessly to satisfy your needs and ensure your comfort with your system. Some of our professional services include:

  • On-site training services for IT, Human Resources and administrative personnel
  • Online training services when meeting on-site isn't convenient or possible
  • Installation services if you don't have a system integration partner
  • Customizations, integrations and other personalization options for your system
  • And so much more
Get Started With Invixium Professional Services

Get Started With Invixium Professional Services

Invixium professional services provide a high-value experience unique to the needs of your business. By working with Invixium's highly capable team of experts, you receive the assurance that your biometric system is working in top condition and that your staff is well-trained to support all of your users throughout the life of your system.

By investing in professional services from Invixium, you receive:

  • Confidence that your biometric system is installed and working correctly
  • Personalized training that helps your administrators meet the needs of your staff
  • Over 200 collective years of experience in biometrics and security system support from dozens of Invixium experts
  • The perfect biometric security system, designed and installed to fit your business's unique demands
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