About Us

A Canadian Story. A Global Brand.

Invixium is more than just a biometric manufacturer. We are security disruptors, peace-of-mind providers, technology innovators and your trusted partner for all things healthy access and workforce management.

Discover who we are, what we do and how we can help you solve your biggest security challenges.

What We Do

Invixium designs and manufactures cutting-edge solutions utilizing today’s most relevant technology to promote safety, security, productivity, and wellness at workplaces. Invixium solutions incorporate multiple biometrics, remote features, and more to create a seamless, convenient user experience. Our fully integrated hardware, software, and mobile platform solution provides meaningful analytics for enterprises and industries to maximize the potential of their worksite entrances.

How We Innovate The Future

With a collective experience of more than 200 years in biometrics, our expert team is constantly innovating to push the boundaries of our industry. Since our incorporation in 2012, we have worked tirelessly to provide future-focused technology that not only meets the needs of the moment, but also adapts to the demands of tomorrow. Our passion for design, quality and engineering is unmatched and highly evident in each of our solutions.

What We Value


At Invixium, design is our DNA. Every curve and color are meticulously selected to achieve a divine user experience, and we take pride in offering the most design-centric products on the market.


We are committed to innovation and our ability to adapt to changing times allows us to continuously re-invent ourselves as designers and engineers of scalable products with industry best features.


Our passion is fueled by a relentless pursuit of delivering the best solution to a problem and our persistence has greatly contributed to our success in such a short time.


Our commitment to diverse staff and leadership shapes the foundation of Invixium and helps us embrace our changing world with ease.


We believe in a work culture that supports teamwork, transparency and an environment that fosters employee engagement and not just employee satisfaction.


We are constantly searching for improvements on how our solutions interact with the world, from consuming less energy to using less plastic. Invixium solutions are built to last, resulting in less waste over time.

Why Choose Invixium

As experts in biometric security, Invixium is your go-to brand for exquisitely designed, high-quality solutions for access control, workforce management, and workplace wellness across a variety of market verticals.

As non-believers of “one size fits all”, our team is ready to work with businesses of any size to architect a biometric system that best suits the needs of your business through our standard offering or via a customized solution tailored for a perfect fit. Whether you need a simple on-premises access control solution or a large-scale remote and on-site system for enterprise wellness, Invixium will tirelessly work to provide the right solution for you.

Our focus on R&D enables us to innovate at an incredible pace that translates to high customer satisfaction when it comes to developing solutions that solve real-world problems. Combine this with our Made in Canada quality, and you'll find our products to be the ideal blend of ruggedness, lightning-fast computing, and exquisite design.

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