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Customize Your Invixium System With Products We Recommend

Invixium products are capable of standalone operation or as part of an IP-based distributed enterprise access control or time & attendance system. We launched the Invixium Certified Products (ICP) program to test, integrate and support complementary products into our bespoke product eco system to offer our customers more freedom to customize their installation. And for your convenience, these products can be purchased directly from us.


SecuGen Hamster PLUS Desktop Biometric Enrollment Sensor

SecuGen Hamster PLUS is a versatile fingerprint reader with Auto-On and Smart Capture technologies that ensure high quality fingerprint scanning. Featuring a comfortable, ergonomic design, the Hamster PLUS is built with the industry’s most advanced optical sensor using patented SEIR fingerprint biometric technology.

Lumidigm M-series Desktop

Lumidigm M-series Desktop Biometric Enrollment Sensor

Lumidigm M-series fingerprint sensors offer fast and reliable biometric capture that will exceed your expectations with the proven Lumidigm advantage. Lumidigm’s patented multispectral imaging technology is up to 20% more reliable than conventional biometric authentication technology because it leverages rich fingerprint data that lies beneath the skin. Regardless of the environment, genetics or industry, M-series captures the best fingerprints in any condition. It works on everyone, everywhere.

CredenceTWO Handheld

CredenceTWO Handheld Biometric Enrollment Device

CredenceTWO places the power of mobile identity and authentication into the hands of the users for critical know-your-customer (“KYC”) applications. With a state-of-the-art mobile chipset, integrated FIPS-201 FBI certified 500 dpi fingerprint sensor, a 5 MP camera with dual LED illumination and a dual contact/contactless smart card reader, CredenceTWO integrates seamlessly with IXM products for full user interoperability. Enroll your fingerprints on an Invixium Device and authenticate on CredenceTWO or vice-versa to expand your deployment possibilities. A wide range of connectivity options including the latest generation Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and Penta-Band LTE and WCDMA make CredenceTWO an ideal product to extend your biometric authentication needs on the go.

CredenceTAB Biometric

CredenceTAB Biometric Enrollment Tablet

CredenceTAB is an elegant combination of biometrics, credentials and enterprise-grade mobile technology. This award-winning mobile device brings together a FAP-30 fingerprint sensor, two cameras, contact & contactless smart card reader, e-Passport reader and Android OS, all operating seamlessly on a state-of-the-art mobile chipset, creating endless application possibilities. Integrated effortlessly with Invixium products for full user interoperability, using the CredenceTAB with the Invixium product ecosystem allows you to empower a diverse group of agencies to build and deploy targeted applications for their desired objectives, workflows and environments.

Kojak 10-Print Scanner

Kojak 10-Print Scanner

The Kojak 10-Print Scanner ends the myth that 4-4-2 FAP 60 fingerprint scanners must be bulky and consume high power. This compact, lightweight unit delivers fast FBI Certified Appendix F performance for 10-print enrollment and verification in a compact form factor that uses less power than any other FAP 60 scanner currently available. With the same LES technology as on the Columbo desktop sensor, the performance of the Kojak is extremely fast and accurate.

Chiyu BF-50 Secure

Chiyu BF-50 Secure Relay Box for higher security

The Chiyu BF-50 Secure Relay Box provides secure door control via private RS-485 communication when connected with IXM products. Control the exit button and door contact and trigger the door relay from the secure side of the door, eliminating the vulnerability of tampered access by shorting wires. Its compact form factor allows for use in a variety of installations.

Five-O 10 Print Scanner

Five-O 10-Print Scanner

FIVE-O is an extremely slim, light and rugged mobile 10-print scanner that easily fits into a shirt pocket. It is ideal for law enforcement, military, border control and national ID programs. No other Appendix F FBI-Certified, AFIS-compliant scanner can match FIVE-O’s mobility, performance, and compact FAP50 form factor.

Columbo Desktop biometric

Columbo Desktop Biometric Enrollment Sensor

The Columbo Desktop Sensor is a fast, compact, low maintenance FAP 30 FBI PIV certified single print scanner for authentication of fingerprints. The patented light-emitting sensor (LES) technology delivers accurate results unaffected by temperature, direct sunlight or artificial bright lights and also rejects spoofing attacks easily.

Hitachi Finger Vein Desktop

Hitachi Finger Vein Desktop Biometric Enrollment Sensor

The Hitachi USB Finger Vein Biometric Scanner uses infrared rays to scan the unique finger vein pattern of individuals. The device connects directly via USB port to a PC running Windows® Operating System and can be used to enhance IT security by providing a more accurate method of user authentication over password entry for highly sensitive or high-risk PCs. Unauthorized system access through impersonation or password cracking is eliminated with this highly secure device.

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