Body Temperature Screening Access Control

Automated and Touchless Thermal Temperature Detection

Thermal screening is a prevalent solution in security systems both large and small today. As our society becomes more health-focused and business leadership addresses the need to keep staff and visitors healthy, thermal screening has been integrated into security solutions that aim to keep people safe in today’s most relevant ways.

How Thermal Screening Works

The market has a vast variety of thermal screening solutions: temperature guns, walk-through scanners, clinical thermometers and more. Each of these solutions reads a person’s temperature in a different way, and each offers different benefits for the businesses that invest in them.

Thermal Screening Solutions


Invixium’s thermal screening solution relies on thermography: an advanced thermal imaging technology that features hands-free operation and works incredibly well with our existing face recognition algorithm. You can experience this solution through the IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit, an optional add-on to IXM TITAN that unlocks this highly modern capability to meet urgent security needs in response to COVID-19.

Thermography With Access Control

Temperature Measuring

Thermography works in junction with our touchless face recognition by tweaking our algorithm and adding a second camera. Adjusting our algorithm allows IXM TITAN’s on-board facial recognition camera to pinpoint the tear duct. The tear duct, or medial canthus, is the body part most strongly linked to an accurate body temperature reading without inserting a thermometer. The second camera, a thermal infrared camera, takes a rapid temperature reading at the tear duct. Your user population won’t notice a difference between the speed of face recognition and temperature screening – they happen simultaneously, so healthy people can go about their days.

Thermal Body Temperature Detection Entry


What if someone isn’t healthy? If a person arrives at a thermographic camera and screens with an elevated body temperature, they might have a fever. This is where a powerful security system allows you to customize next-steps: you can choose to keep a door locked, send a worker home or instruct a visitor to check in for further health screening.

Invixium Thermal Screening: Safety Beyond Security

Thermal screening by Invixium offers a variety of modern features to boost user-friendliness, functionality, flexibility and health at your worksite so your staff and visitors can have a pleasant, comfortable user experience. When you choose Invixium, you receive:

Invixium Thermal Screening Solution
  • Incredible throughputs of 12 to 15 people per minute

  • Completely touchless operation from face recognition to temperature screening

  • Custom workflows that allow you to protect staff and visitors while following local guidelines

  • Further health screening customization options such as breathalyzer or patient-management system integrations

Advantages Of Thermal Screening In The Field


Above all else, thermal screening offers a high level of confidence that no individual presenting one of the most common symptoms of illness will be permitted in your building. You can assure managers, staff and visitors that their health is protected with fast, accurate, touchless thermal screening


Thermal screening takes the same amount of time as face recognition – just a second. So, your staff and visitors won’t be held up by long temperature-taking lines and can go about their day more easily


By screening temperatures at the tear duct, this thermography solution boasts ± 0.5 ⁰C (0.9 ⁰F) accuracy so you can feel certain that your system’s health screenings are accurate


Just like IXM TITAN, the Enhancement Kit is built with an aluminum body that resists dents and scratches while also dissipating heat generated by the device


Thermography is an incredibly modern temperature screening solution that offers fast, touchless operation to enhance user experience. Compared to a slow temperature gun or bulky walk-through scanner – this is the design-centric choice.

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