Product Information

Where are Invixium products manufactured?

All Invixium products are designed and manufactured in Canada.

What biometric technologies do Invixium products use?

Invixium products use a range of biometric technologies including face recognition, fingerprint recognition and finger vein recognition.

Do Invixium devices support OSDP and encrypted secure channel communication?

Yes, all Invixium products support the latest OSDP protocols v2.1 and use encrypted secure channel communication.

Can Invixium products be used for card access control?

Yes, Invixium products come in various models that have built-in card readers. Invixium devices support the latest card technologies including iCLASS, MiFARE, DESFire, HID Prox, EM Prox and more.

Can Invixium products be used with 3rd party access control systems?

Invixium products are integrated with leading access control panel software via IXM Link. For panels that our software is not integrated with, the products come with dedicated lines for Wiegand and panel feedback which can be used for easy integration.

Do Invixium products require a relay or access control panel for door control?

No, all Invixium products have an inbuilt relay for standalone installation.

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