Access Control, Workforce Management, and Visitor Management for Commercial Offices

Commercial offices are some of the most common locations that need access control, workforce, and visitor management solutions. Whether they have just a few dozen workers or thousands, it is paramount that every worker can easily access the building and account for their working hours without delays. Robust visitor management is a must, as enterprise locations host meetings with people who need to gain temporary access to their buildings. Invixium’s design-centric and comprehensive biometric solutions provide enterprises with all the tools, they need to ensure maximum safety and overall productivity.

Industry Needs

  • Simple workflows for time management
  • Easy-to-use system that doesn’t require extensive internal training
  • Fast authentication to avoid backups when clocking in or out
  • Rich visitor management systems
  • Dynamic QR codes and digital cards for visitors and new employees
  • Front desk system that allows for check-in and check-out
  • Intuitive workflows for all personnel
  • Integration with existing human resource management systems
  • Time & attendance tracking included
Our Solution

Touchless Access Control, Visitor Management, and Workforce Management for Enterprises

  • Faster Clock In and Clock Out Times With Face Recognition
  • Easy to Enroll New Employees and Remove Terminated Employees
  • Rich Visitor Management System to Keep Offices Safe
  • Integrations with Existing Security and HR Systems
  • Automated Health Screening Available to Adhere to Mask Guidelines
  • Manage Your Time & Attendance Using IXM Time

IXM TITAN’s touchless face recognition authenticates more than 20 users per minute, effectively eliminating potential bottlenecks that can happen during busy clock-in and clock-out times at office buildings. With face recognition being performed this quickly, the building can be protected against intruders without sacrificing productivity in the slightest. PIN, card, mobile credentials, and fingerprint options are also available for offices that want to utilize multi-factor authentication.

For offices that want superior performance but don’t need the incredible durability or processing power of TITAN, IXM TFACE is a great alternative for indoor installation. Its face recognition abilities are on par with TITAN, in a smaller form factor and at a more affordable price point. TFACE can be deployed at scale throughout an enterprise building, including for meeting rooms and elevator access, without breaking the bank.

Enrollment for face recognition can be effortlessly facilitated through IXM WEB by having the employees stand in front of the device, completing the process in less than a minute. Users need to position themselves within the field of view of the TITAN or TFACE camera to initiate face recognition and temperature screening workflows.

Alternatively, organizations with large workforces can use IXM Convert Face to upload images of employees directly to IXM WEB and convert them into Invixium templates, thus saving time and making the enrollment process more efficient.

IXM Visitor is a licensed feature of IXM WEB that optimizes visitor management for your business. Our software allows you to log every visitor for record-keeping, add a guest credential system, create temporary access credentials for visitors, and much more. Using Invixium solutions, visitors can check in and notify the host about their arrival. For a truly next-level front desk tool that maximizes your productivity and safety while improving the guest experience, look no further than IXM Visitor.

Invixium offers IXM WEB as an enterprise-grade software solution that can integrate with leading building management and access control software via IXM Link. This solution seamlessly communicates data from Invixium devices to whichever platform your office currently uses.

IXM TITAN and IXM TFACE come built with functionality to grant or deny access based on whether a person is – or isn’t – wearing their mask. This feature compounds with touchless face recognition allowing for hands-free, mask-on authentication.

IXM WEB features IXM Time, a licensed time and attendance tracking module that employers can use to reduce time theft and improve productivity and efficiency. Built into the software are attendance reports, leave and shift management, an employee portal, audit trails, and more. Using APIs to integrate with your current HRMS, IXM Time’s highly advanced features are accessible to all types of enterprises.


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