Access Control and Visitor Management for High-End Residential Locations

Biometrics like face and fingerprint recognition have become increasingly common in high-end residential complexes. They make it impossible for unwanted visitors to enter the building and give tenants and homeowners the peace of mind they deserve, knowing their homes will always be secure from intruders. Biometrics also make it easier to enroll new users and remove old ones, something incredibly helpful for managers of residential facilities like apartment buildings that have frequent turnover. Invixium solutions are ideal because they have the power that commercial clients crave along with a luxurious design that will fit into any type of residential décor. Once installed, our units will also prove beneficial for managers who want to increase the tenancy of their facility, as smart building features are increasingly expected at high-end facilities.

Industry Needs

  • Attractive design that won’t look out of place in a home
  • Visitor management options for guests and deliveries
  • Reliable touchless authentication at doors
  • Easy Tenant Access to shared locations like mailrooms, gyms, pools, etc.
Our Solution

Touchless Access Control and Visitor Management for Residential Applications

  • Beautiful Design Available in Multiple Colors to Suit the Space
  • Fast, Hands-Free Authentication for Tenant Convenience
  • Front Desk Software to Check In Visitors Safely
  • Integrations with Existing Security Units and Software
  • Highest Levels of Security with Face or Fingerprint Recognition at the Door

IXM TITAN is a powerful unit that is as beautiful as it is functional. For residential settings that want to maintain an upscale, luxurious aesthetic, IXM TITAN is an incredible solution that will overperform as an access control solution and look good doing it. Available in 2 finishes – black and brushed aluminum, TITAN is loved by interior designers globally.

Invixium solutions offer seamless hands-free authentication through advanced face recognition technology, eliminating the need for any physical button presses. With its exceptional accessibility and agility, touchless authentication provides building managers and tenants with unparalleled peace of mind and convenience.

With IXM Visitor, a licensed feature of IXM WEB, building managers can log every visitor for record-keeping, keep track of real-time visitors in the building, add a guest credential system, or create temporary access credentials via IXM Mobile – digital card or QR code – that maximizes safety.

Invixium offers IXM WEB as an enterprise-grade software solution that can integrate with leading building management systems. This solution seamlessly communicates data from the Invixium devices to whichever platform the building uses for easier management.

Invixium offers multi-factor, multi-functional solutions that provide the highest level of security for shared spaces in the building like gym, pool, party halls, etc. IXM TITAN and IXM TFACE both offer four factors of identification: face, finger, card, and PIN. Authentication options like face, finger, QR codes, or digital cards negate the need to remember a PIN or carry a physical card, therefore reducing the risk of card loss or sharing.


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