IXM TOUCH Complements Volante Tower

Amazingly Stylish IXM TOUCH Complements Volante Towers

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The Volante Towers project is an exclusive residential development located on the banks of the Business Bay district in Dubai targeting wealthy empty nesters looking to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

There are many options available in today’s market for biometric access control devices, but the perfect solution for Volante Towers would need to match the development’s high standards for design while still delivering the high level of security demanded by residents. Further complicating the project, the solution had to integrate with the Savant Systems’ home automation controller used in each suite to manage other systems like lighting and air conditioning from a single easy-to-use kiosk.

Touchless Access Control

Getting The Job Done Right With Modern Biometrics

A total of 124 IXM TOUCH units equipped with access card reader, PoE and a backup battery have been installed at the front entrances of all suites including service entrances. The products are connected to an electric door strike where access is granted through the IXM TOUCH or remotely via any smart device. Audio communication via biometric device and video feed from the external fish-eye IP camera provides the convenience of intercom to an internally installed iPad.

With this modern access control and intercom system, residents at Volante Towers can use biometric, ID or any MiFARE card to enter their apartments comfortably. Occupants can also “trigger their desired scenes such as lights, A/C and music” with personalized access with a touch of a finger. Lastly, residents can monitor entry and exit behavior at their home with the ability to grant access remotely from any smart wireless device. Each of these features, when combined, offer those living in these high-end towers the utmost in convenience, luxury and security.

Touchless Face Recognition

“We had envisioned to install a product which satisfied all our requirements: aesthetically appealing, compact product, high standard, secure, PIN and card access, audio communication, bell button (ie.doorbell), reliable software and customizations to suit integration. Invixium checks all boxes,” said Jana Malhas, owner at Ultimate Solutions.

“Given our extensive experience and expertise in the biometric access control industry, we know and understand that no two projects are alike. Our differentiation as a product manufacturer is the ability to offer engineering customizations to our customers and our willingness to complete multiple site visits to ensure complete satisfaction at the end of the day,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium.

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